Multimodal Transport Rules

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'It must be noted at the outset that the strength of Kindred/Brooks' contribution lies in its concise and essentially practical approach. The volume is addressed to business people involved in multimodal transport, and the authors accordingly have particular regard to the commercial context of modern multimodal transport operations. They provide overviews of the business environment of the parties to a multimodal movement, explain the legal regime and its impact on multimodal operations, and assess the commercial background for a choice between different sets of multimodal transport rules and standard terms of contract. [...] All in all, Kindred/Brooks have produced a helpful practical guide for their readership, traffic managers and logistics service providers. Lawyers seeking a first reference to multimodal transport rules may also find the volume useful.'
Andreas Kadletz, Uniform Law Review, (1999).
List of Exhibits.
1. Responsibilities and Rules in Multimodal Transport.
2. Business Practices in Multimodal Transport.
3. The International Rules of Multimodal Transport.
4. Liability for Unattributed Damage to Goods.
5. Liability for Attributed Loss of Goods.
6. Liability for Delayed Delivery of Goods.
7. Liability for Consequential Business Losses.
8. Other Legal Requirements of the Multimodal Rules.
9. An Assessment of the Multimodal Rules in Operation.
Appendix 1: Table of International Unimodal Transportation Conventions.
Appendix 2: UNCTAC/ICC Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents.
Appendix 3: United Nations Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods.
Appendix 4: ICC Uniform Rules for a Combined Transport Document (1975) Revision.
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