The Moral Status of Children

Essays on the Rights of the Child

With the passing of the UN Convention in 1989 children's rights have been placed firmly on the political agenda. This book explores a variety of children's rights issues from the Convention and beyond. It examines the moral foundations of children's rights issues from the Convention and beyond, and offers insights into children's rights issues both old and new. Amongst the subjects covered are the history of children's rights, empowerment, cultural pluralism, sexual abuse, contact as a child's right, the reproduction revolution and the child's right to identity, and children's rights in the context of English law. This is a book which those interested in children, children's issues and children's rights will find stimulating and rewarding.
The author is a Professor of English Law at University College London, a barrister and the author of thirty books including, The Rights and The Wrongs of Children, Children's Rights: A Comparative Perspective, Children, Their Families and The Law and Violence In the Home: A Socio-Legal Study. He is the founding co-editor of the International Journal of Children's Rights, the editor of Current Legal Problems and a former editor of the Annual Survey of Family Law. A prominent advocate of children's rights for over 20 years, he has lectured widely on the subject.

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1. The Moral Status of Children.
2. Taking Children's Rights More Seriously.
3. Laws, Conventions and Rights.
4. Beyond Conventions - Towards Empowerment.
5. The Limits of Children's Rights.
6. English Law and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
7. Children's Rights and Cultural Pluralism.
8. Contact With Absent Parents: An Emergent Child Right.
9. Do Children Have the Right Not to be Born?
10. The Rights of the Artificially Procreated Child.
11. Can Children Divorce their Parents?
12. The James Bulger Tragedy: Childish Innocence and the Construction of Guilt.
13. Cleveland, Butler-Sloss and Beyond: How Are We to React to the Sexual Abuse of Children?
14. In the Child's Best Interests? Reading the Children Act Critically.
15. Removing Rights from Adolescents.
16. Sterilizing the Mentally Handicapped.
17. Afterword.
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