International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, Instalment 31


Vol. I: National Reports.
Chief Editor Viktor Knapp
11 P: Pakistan, Panama,
Papua New Guinea, Paraguay,
People’s Republic of China, Peru,
Philippines, Poland, Portugal.
1996. 206 p.

Vol. III: Private International Law.
Chief Editor Kurt Lipstein
25 Clarke, Malcolm
Transport by Rail and by Road.
1996. 17 p.
26 Clarke, Malcolm
Transport by Sea and Inland
Waterways. 1996. 40 p.
27 Bogdan, Michael
Transport by Air. 1996. 19 p.

Vol. IX: Commercial Transactions and
Chief Editor Jacob S. Ziegel
7 Pfenningstorf, Werner
Public Law of Insurance. 1996. 163 p.

Vol. XVI: Civil Procedure.
Chief Editor Mauro Cappelletti
12 Sanders, Pieter
Arbitration. 1996. 178 p.
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