International Yearbook for Legal Anthropology, Volume 9

Natural Resources, Environment, and Legal Pluralism


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"[T]he volume is valuable on many levels. One would hope that development agencies, environmental organizations, those proponents of western-style land management systems, forestry agencies, transnational corporations and those concerned with indigenous peoples would read and profit from the way that politics, economics, law and natural sciences are combined in this volume." - in: Journal of Legal Pluralism, 43 (1999)
Introduction. Citizens, Strangers and Indigenous People: Multiple Constructions and Consequences of Rights, Resources and People; F. von Benda-Beckmann. Ancestral Land Rights and Legal Pluralism: Another Land Reform in the Northern Philippines Highland; J. Prill-Brett. Privatization of the Ejido in Mexico: The Interplay Between Legal Change and Local Practice; M. Nuijten. Legal Quagmires: Wetland Use in Rwanda and Zimbabwe; N. van de Giesen, M. Andreini. Conflicting Approaches to the Management of aNatural Resource Base: The Case of Land Colonization on the Slopes of Mount Oku, Cameroun; C. Fisiy. Fighting for Country: Aboriginal Land Associations and Common Law Claims in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia; D. Mardiros. Natural Resources in the Offshore: The Australian Position After Mabo's Case; R. Cullen. The Denedeh Conservation Board: An Experiment in Aboriginal Resources and Environmental Management; J. Bayly. Nuclear Waste and Eskimo Hunters: A Clash of Law Ways and Culture; S. Conn. El régimen legal de los recursos naturales en el Perú y sus consecuencias para los pueblos indígenas de la Amazonía; M. Ludescher. The Indigenous Peoples of Venezuela Between Agrarian Law and Environmental Law; R. Kuppe. The Plains of Tortuguero: Tropical Paradise or Paradise Lost? W. Brooijmans. Environmental Protection: A Trojan Horse for Human Rights of Indigenous People? K. von Benda-Beckmann.
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