UNHCR and Voluntary Repatriation of Refugees

A Legal Analysis

'Her study ... is a thorough investigation into repatriation, focusing not only on the legal issues, but also on the operational dimension and the historical evolution of repatriation. [...] This book will be fundamental reading material for studies on reptriation for years to come.'
Journal of Refugee Studies, 11 (1998).
1. Of Solutions and Problems.
Part One: The Legal Framework.
2. The Concept of International Refugee Law.
3. Some Historical Observations.
4. The Mandate of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
5. Marking the Contours of Voluntary Repatriation.
Part Two: Voluntary Repatriation in Practice.
6. Cambodia (Thailand) 1980.
7. Iraq (Turkey) 1991.
8. Cambodia (Thailand) 1992, 1993.
9. Mozambique (Malawi) 1993–1995.
Part Three: Synthesis.
10. The Solution of Voluntary Repatriation.
11. The Concept of Refugee Law Revisited.
Annex: The Case of the Indochinese Refugees or An Exceptional Case of Voluntary Repatriation.
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