United States Admiralty Law

Knowledge about the application of law to maritime commerce not only may prove financially profitable but also provides an exciting intellectual trip through the historical and legal developments behind commercial activities that depend upon the sea.
This work analyzes the growth and formation of maritime law across the centuries, including its origin as England s admiralty law and its adoption into the United States Constitution. It sets out information on the jurisdiction and law appropriate for the carriage of goods by sea, personal injuries and death collisions, salvage and wrecks, marine insurance, and marine pollution.
Lawyers, professors, and students of law and anyone involved in marine transportation - carriers, shippers, port managers, freight forwarders, and others - will appreciate this book's succinct and readable style. It includes references to statutes, conventions, and cases - including some historical and social background to enliven and clarify the development of admiralty and maritime law in the United States.
1. A Brief History of Admiralty Law.
2. Admiralty and Maritime Jurisdiction.
3. The Carriage of Goods by Sea.
4. Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death.
5. Collisions, Towage, Pilots, and Wrecks: Limitation of Liability.
6. Salvage, Finds, and Historical Wrecks.
7. Marine Insurance.
8. Marine Pollution.
List of Cases Cited.