The OSCE in the Maintenance of Peace and Security

Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management and Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

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' ...Bothe, Ronzitti and Rosas have done an excellent job. They have produced a comprehensive survey that, reflecting the OSCE's own broad approach to the concept of security, includes an article on the human dimension (human rights and humanitarian concerns), as well as articles addressing more predictable security subjects such as peacekeeping and relations between the OSCE and NATO. [...] It is a densely packed volume that provides considerable information on several areas of OSCE activity related to conflict prevention, management and resolution. [...] While an ample body of literature examines the CSCE/OSCE in its earlier years, relatively little has been written about its more recent history. The OSCE in the Maintenance of Peace and Security provides, in a single text, a substantial body of well-researched, carefully documented and clearly presented information about the informal and formal procedures used by the OSCE participating states in the field of conflict prevention, management and resolution.' Erika B. Schlager, American Journal of International Law, 1999.
Preface. Acronyms. Tables. 1. The OSCE: Institutional and Functional Developments in an Evolving European Security Order; K. Möttölä. 2. The OSCE Main Political Bodies and Their Role in Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management; A. Bloed. 3. Dispute Settlement Procedures and Crisis Management; B. Meyer. 4. The Role of the Human Dimension of the OSCE in Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management; M. Pentikäinen. 5. The High Commissioner on National Minorities: Development of the Mandate; M.A.M. Estébanez. 6. OSCE Long- Term Missions; A. Rosas, T. Lahelma. 7. The United Nations and Regional Organizations in the Maintenance of Peace and Security; A. Gioia. 8. OSCE Peace-Keeping; N. Ronzitti. 9. Relations Between the OSCE and NATO with Particular Regard to Crisis Management and Peace- Keeping; L. Zannier. 10. Third Party Peace-Keeping and the Interaction Between Russia and the OSCE in the CIS Area; E. Greco. 11. Division of Labour Between the UN and the OSCE in Connection with Peace-Keeping; G. Burci. 12. Financing Peace-Keeping and Peace-Related Operations. The UN and OSCE Practice; F. Pagani. 13. Dispute Settlement Procedures in the OSCE – Genesis and Overview; T. Lohmann. 14. The Various Dispute Settlement Procedures – General International Law and OSCE Practice; M. Bothe. 15. The OSCE Court of Conciliation and Arbitration: Some Facts and Issues; L. Caflisch. 16. The Role of Conciliation and Similar Proceedings in International Dispute Settlement and the OSCE Procedures; T. Lohmann. 17. Subsidiarity and Other Obstacles to the Use of the OSCE Dispute Settlement Procedures; S. Jacobi. 18. Nagorno-Karabakh: A Case-Study of OSCE Conflict Settlement; R. Dehdashti. 19. The Role of the OSCE in the Former Yugoslavia after the Dayton Peace Agreement; M. Sica. 20. The OSCE Mediterranean Dimension: Conflict Prevention and Management; R. Aliboni. 21. Conclusions and Perspectives; M. Bothe, et al. Index.