Human Rights, Self-Determination and Political Change in the Occupied Palestinian Territories


Editor: Stephen Bowen
How can international human rights standards - in the civil and political sphere and in respect of economic, social and cultural rights - provide clear guidance for political change?
This collection offers the reader an exposition and critical analysis of the agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation from the perspective of international human rights law. Covered topics include - the relevance and influence of international law on the peace-making process, - the strengths and weaknesses of the agreements and the extent to which they lay the foundation for the realization of Palestinian self-determination and the development of a democratic and civil society, - the status and obligations of both the State of Israel and the emerging Palestinian Authority in respect of the Occupied Territories, and - the continuing role of international actors and non-governmental organisations in promoting respect for human rights during a period of dramatic transition.
The position of Palestinian women and the operation of international human rights standards as mechanisms for political change receive particular attention.
Scholars concerned with the Middle East and anyone interested in the promotion and protection of human rights in post-conflict situations will appreciate this unique and challenging collection.

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1.Some International Law Implications of the Oslo/Cairo Framework for the P.L.O./Israeli Peace Talks; R. Falk. 2. The P.L.O.-Israeli Interim Arrangements and the Geneva Civilians Convention; J. Quigley. 3. The West Bank and Gaza: Free and Fair Elections, Human Rights and the Transition to Democracy; G.S. Goodwin-Gill. 4. International Human Rights Law: Prospects and Problems for Palestinian Women; H. Charlesworth. 5. The Potential and Pitfalls of the Right to Self- Determination for Women; C. Chinkin. 6. Self- Determination, Population Transfer and the Middle East Peace Accords; C.J. Drew. 7. Domestic Application of International Human Rights Standards: Criminal Justice and Public Security Under Palestinian Self-Government; S.P. Marks. 8. Economic and Social Rights: Issues of Implementation; P. Hunt. 9. Natural Resources and Belligerent Occupation: Mutation Through Permanent Sovereignty; I. Scobbie. 10. The Geneva Conventions and the Autonomous Territories in the Middle East; H.-P. Gasser. Index.