P. Aelii Aristides, Volume 1 Orations I - XVI

With an Appendix Containing the Fragments and Inscriptions

Aelius Aristides is one of the most important sources for the history of the social, cultural, and religious life of the second century of the Roman Empire. However, the difficulty of his style and the occasional obscurity of the material contained in his writings have effectively prevented modern historians from fully utilizing his works. To remedy this deficiency, in conjunction with the new edition of the Greek text of Aristides, which was earlier published by Brill, a translation of all of Aristides' works into a modern language has been prepared. The translation, which also includes the first collection of fragments of lost works of Aristides and inscriptions which pertain to him, has been made according to the new revision of the Greek text and is provided with a commentary and index, which will facilitate its use by both specialists and laymen alike.
'...will be the standard edition of Aristides for many generations to come.'
A.H.M. Kessels, Mnemosyne, 1986.
'Behr has put all students of Antonine society and of the Second Sophistic greatly in his debt...'
A.R.R. Sheppard, The Classic Review, 1982.
'Historians of ancient medicine will be grateful to Proefssor Behr for rendering an important author accessible to a wider audience.'
Medical history, 1982.
students and specialists of Classical Antiquity, Hellenic studies, Classical Philologists.
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