International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, Instalment 32


Vol. IV: Persons and Family.
Chief Editor Mary Ann Glendon
3 Coester-Waltjen, Dagmar /
Coester, Michael
Formation of Marriage. 1997. 124 p.

Vol. VII: Contracts in General.
Chief Editor Arthur T. von Mehren
2 Gordley, James
Contract in Pre-Commercial Societies
and in Western History. 1997. 52 p.

Vol. X: Restitution – Unjust Enrichment
and Negotiorum Gestio.
Chief Editor Peter Schlechtriem
12 Schwenzer, Ingeborg
Restitution of Benefits in Family
Relationship. 1997. 74 p.

Vol. XV: Labour Law.
Chief Editor Bob A. Hepple
15 Ben-Israel, Ruth
Lockouts and Other Kinds of Hostile
Actions. 1997. 58 p.

Vol. XVII: State and Economy.
Chief Editors Richard Buxbaum and
Ferenc Mádl
10 Daintith, Terence
Regulation. 1997. 86 p.
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