The 1899 Hague Peace Conference

`The Parliament of Man, the Federation of the World'; Photography by Bert and Lilian Mellink

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'It is handsomely illustrated and full of illuminating detail about the happenings a century ago at The Hague. But it is much more than a glossy book for the reader's coffee table. It contains a wealth of data that the serious student of international law and its history would otherwise have to look up in a variety of sources...'
The American Journal of International Law, 94.

Winner of the ASIL Certificate of Merit 2000.
I. Social Backgrounds.
II. The Genesis of the Idea.
III. Invitation Policy.
IV. Organization of the Conference.
V. The Work Within the Commissions.
VI. Social Entourage.
VII. Conclusions.
VIII. Contemporary Appraisal.
IX. Effects of the Conference.
X. Evaluation of the Conference.
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