The International Criminal Court

The Making of the Rome Statute: Issues, Negotiations and Results


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'The different chapters of the book to be reviewed have been written by some of the key players in the negotiations mapping out a very detailed picture of the different issues the drafters were confronted with. [T]he book is a very significant addition to the already existing literature on the International Criminal Court.'
Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law, 4 (2000).
'This collection of commentaries may prove particularly useful to those seeking to analyze current and future developments related to the Statute and the ICC.'
Journal of International Law and Politics, 32:3.
'Dr Lee is to be congratulated for having assembled contributors from many of the key players involved with the conclusion and adoption of the Rome Statute. The insights conveyed by these authors will no doubt establish this excellent book as essential reading for anyone interested in the establishment and future operation of this important judicial institution.'
International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 49 (October 2000).
Preface; United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.
List of Contributors.
Key Terms and References.
Introduction: The Rome Conference and its Contributions to International Law; R.S. Lee.
One: The Principle of Complementarity; J.T. Holmes.
Two: Crimes Within the Jurisdiction of the Court; H. von Hebel, D. Robinson.
Three: Jurisdiction of the Court; E. Wilmshurst.
Four: The International Criminal Court and the Security Council; L. Yee.
Five: Composition and Administration of the Court; M.R. Rwelamira.
Six: The Role of the International Prosecutor; S.A. Fernández de Gurmendi.
Seven: International Criminal Law Principles; P. Saland.
Eight: International Criminal Law Procedures:
I. The Process of Negotiations; S.A. Fernándeze de Gurmendi.
II. Investigation and Prosecution; F. Guariglia.
III. The Trial Proceedings; H.-J. Behrens.
IV. Rights of Persons Suspected or Accused of a Crime; H. Friman.
V. Reparation to Victims; C. Muttukumaru.
VI. Protection of National Security Information; D.K. Piragoff.
VII. Appeal and Revision; H. Brady, M. Jennings.
Nine: International Cooperation and Judicial Assistance; P. Mochochoko.
Ten: Penalties; R.E. Fife.
Eleven: Establishing an Enforcement Regime; T.P. Chimimba.
Twelve: Gender Issues; C. Steains.
Thirteen: Participation of Non-Governmental Organizations; W. Pace, M. Thieroff.
Fourteen: Financing of the Court, Assembly of States Parties and the Preparatory Commission; S. Rama Rao.
Fifteen: Preamble and Final Clauses; T. Neroni Slade, R.S. Clark.
Sixteen: The development of the Rome Statute; P. Kirsch, QC.
Seventeen: The International Criminal Court: A Perspective; A. Bos.
Epilogue: Looking to the Future; G. Conso.
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Resolution of the Conference. Views and Comments by Governments.
Subject Index.
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