The Refugee Concept in Group Situations


Author: Ivor C. Jackson
' The content of this book shows meticulous detail in research and provides in-depth material for scholars, academics and historians for referral purposes. [...] Ivor Jackson's book is a useful source of reference to the question of refugee status determination in group situations.'
International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 2000.
' For the refugee studies scholar (regardless of discipline) searching for a detailed history of the development of refugee protection, searching in fact for the encyclopedia of protection, Ivor C. Jackson, ... has provided it. This book is a treasure trove of archive material …'
International Journal of Refugee Law, 2000.
' This book is therefore valuable and interesting for many of the reasons already stated. It is a very serious piece of scholarship which makes explicit and discusses much material that has normally been referred to by other writers in footnotes but without the deeper analysis that it has obviously merited. There is also much new material which has rarely or never been discussed, mainly from UNHCR archives. What will interest students of Asian, African and Latin American affairs is the amount of material from UN sources on conflicts and refugee problems in those regions which the present review has admittedly under-emphasized.'
Prakash Shah, Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law, 2002.