Developments in International Fisheries Law

With a Preface by Satya N. Nandan


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'[T]his is an important and comprehensive addition to the literature in the area.'
Ocean Development & International Law, 2001.
'This book represents an authoritative, comprehensive and thorough examination of the new international fisheries law. The editor, Ellen Hey, has brought together the most eminent experts to discuss the different facets of the law, and although there are some overlaps, the different contributions primarily serve to supplement each other. The editor has also ably put the articles into a fitting context by her introduction and conclusions. The book is a "must" for students of international fisheries law.
Geir Ulfstein, The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 2002.
Preface; S. Nandan.
List of Contributors.
Table of Instruments.
Table of Cases.
List of Abbreviations.
1. Global Fisheries Instruments adopted in the Post-UNCLOS III Period; E. Hey.
Part I: Global Instruments.
2. The Fisheries Provisions of the LOS Convention; E. Hey.
3. The Compliance Agreement; D.A. Balton.
4. The Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks Agreement; M. Hayashi.
5. The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries; G. Moore.
6. The Interrelationship between the Global Instruments of International Fisheries Law; R. Rayfuse.
Part II: Themes in International Fisheries Law.
7. Balancing the Freedom of Fishing and Coastal State Jurisdiction; G. Hewison.
8. The Fisheries Regimes of Enclosed and Semi-Enclosed Seas and High Seas Enclaves; M.W. Lodge.
9. The Role of Regional Fisheries Management Organisations; B. Applebaum, A. Donohue.
10. Developments in Principles for the Adoption of Fisheries Conservation and Management Measures; G.J. Schram, A. Tahindro.
11. Implementing Precaution Cautiously: The Precautionary Approach in the Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks Agreement; D. Freestone.
12. Compliance with and Enforcement of International Fisheries Law; C.C. Joyner.
13. The Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals and Anadromous and Catadromous Species; P.W. Birnie.
14. The Conservation and Management of Fish Stocks Located Solely within the Exclusive Economic Zone; D.R. Christie.
Part III: The Wider Context of International Fisheries Law.
15. Fisheries Conservation and Management and the Conservation of Marine Biological Diversity; C. de Klemm.
16. Fisheries Conservation and Management and International Trade Law; T.L. McDorman.
17. The European Community and Its Role in Some Issues of International Fisheries Law; R.R. Churchill.
18. Reconceptualization of the Issues involved in International Fisheries Conservation and Management.
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