State Succession: Codification Tested Against the Facts / La succession d'Etats: la codification à l'épreuve des faits


The Hague Academy Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations devoted its Session of 1996 to the Succession of States, including for the second time this topic in its programme, but in a context very different from that in which the 1962 Session had been held.
Following the great wave of decolonizations, the studies conducted in the Centre in 1962 had constituted a kind of prologue to the lengthy deliberations by the International Law Commission that led to the 1978 Convention on Succession of States in Respect of Treaties and the 1983 Convention on Succession of States in Respect of State Property, Archives and Debts. The less than enthusiastic reception that these Conventions had received from the international community seemed to condemn them into oblivion.
The extraordinary political developments in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, however, suddenly focused interest in these questions anew. As the theme of the Session indicates, it became possible to examine the question of `codification tested against these facts'.
Twenty-four participants from a French and an English section conducted this task with passion and talent. The present volume reproduces some of the best reports in an updated and technically harmonized form.

Originally published as Colloques / Workshops – Law Books of the Academy, Volume 20.

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'One may characterize this collection as the bible of State succession...'
ASIL Newsletter, January 2001.
Première partie: Etudes générales. Part I: General Studies. 1. Le Rôle de l'Équité dans le Droit de la Succession d'États. 2. State Succession, Identity/Continuity and Membership in the United Nations. 3. State Succession and International Financial Organizations. 4. Current Questions of State Succession Relating to Multilateral Treaties. 5. Identité et Succession d'États aux Instruments Conventionnels Relatifs au Désarmement et à la Maîtrise des Armements. 6. Succession aux Traités et Droits de l'Homme: Vers la Reconnaissance d'une Protection Ininterrompue des Individus. 7. Régimes de Frontières et Autres Réimes Territoriaux Face à la Succession D'États. 8. Les Problèmes de Succession d'États dans l'Affaire de la Détermination de la Frontière Maritime Entre la Guinée-Bissau et la Sénégal. 9. State Succession and the Nationality of Natural Persons: Facts and Possible Codification. 10. Rights of Private Persons on State Succession: An Approach to the Most Recent Cases. Deuxième partie: Etudes nationales. 1. The Dissolution of the Soviet Union in the Light of the 1978 Vienna Convention on Succession of States in Respect of Treaties. 2. The Division of State Property in the Case of State Succession in the Former Soviet Union. 3. A Propos de Tros Questions Récurrentes en Matière de Succession d'États: Application au Cas Yougoslave. 4. The Bursting of Yugoslavia: An Approach to Practice Regarding State Succession. Bibliographie sélective. Selected Bibliography. Tables. Indexes.
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