The Future of War


Editors: Gwyn Prins and Hylke Tromp

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' I commend the book to those interested in the history of the first Hague Peace Conference, not least because it contains an intelligent contribution by Prince Willem-Alexander, the great-grandson of the Queen who was co-convenor (with Tsar Nicholas) of the conference.' Roger Williamson, International Affairs, 77.
List of Contributors. Foreword; P. Kooijmans. Introduction. 1. Editors' introduction. 2. Conversations with Jan Bloch (1899) and Bloch's Preface to his own book (1898). 3. The Imperial Rescript, May 1898; The Second Imperial Circular, December 1898. 4. Jan Bloch in the century's context; HRH Prince Willem-Alexander, the Prince of Orange. Part I: Jan Bloch in his Own Time. 5. From St Petersburg to The Hague: Bloch and the First Hague Peace Conference (1899); P. van den Dungen. 6. Bloch the man: a biographical appreciation; A. Werner. 7. Bloch's influence among the German anti-war dissidents; J. Birmele. Part II: Transformation in the International Order. 8. International organisations in the quest for peace; C. Bildt. 9. From independence to interdependence: the end of sovereignty? C. Bertram. 10. Out of Africa: the fate of the state and the international system; F. Deng. 11. State making, state failure and the revolution in military affairs; M. Ayoob. Part III: Transformation of War. Three contrasting views at the large scale. 12. A brief history of warfare - past, present, future; J. Keegan. 13. The peace-bringing powers of war; E. Luttwak. 14. The indispensable nuclear weapon; M. van Creveld. Part IV: Changing Potentials and Purposes. 15. Beyond war and totalitarianism: the new dynamics of violence; P. Hassner. 16. Civil and uncivil wars; G. Prins. Implications for practice. 17. Revolutions in military affairs; L. Freedman. 18. The art of military intervention; General Sir Michael Rose. 19.Practicality, in support of principles; K.-P. Klaiber. Epilogue. Index.