The Land Beyond

Collected Essays on Refugee Law and Policy


This book collects Professor Atle Grahl-Madsen's essays on refugee law and policy in a single volume, including commentary on the principles of refugee law and on important refugee crisis situations. Arranged in chronological order, the compilation of work contains all the author's scholarly English language articles dedicated to the needs and rights of refugees and asylum seekers.
The republication of these articles makes an important part of Atle Grahl-Madsen's written work more easily accessible than before. The objective of the book is to provide a new perspective on Grahl-Madsen's approach, his ideas and the results of his research and thinking. As the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Mrs Sadako Ogata, has stated in the foreword: `The timelessness of Professor Grahl-Madsen's writings stems from his conscientious and comprehensive research and his clarity of thought as an analyst His dedication and precision should serve as both an inspiration and aspiration to all who work to defend the rights of the displaced.'
The collection shows the extent and quality of Atle Grahl-Madsen's legacy in the field of refugee law and human rights, and demonstrates the diversity of the subject of international refugee law and its relevance to the world in which we live.

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Foreword; S. Ogata. Preface by the Editors. Abbreviations. 1. Fridtjof Nansen. 2. Expulsion of Refugees. 3. Further Development of International Refugee Law. 4. The European Tradition of Asylum and the Development of Refugee Law. 5. Protection for the Unprotected. 6. The Case for a Uniform Aliens Law in Western Europe. 7. Human Rights for Refugees. 8. Refugees Within the Competence of the United Nations. 9. Political Rights and Freedoms of Refugees. 10. Refugees in Orbit - Some Constructive Proposals. 11. The Boat People: Our Concern. 12. The Boat People: Still a Concern. 13. Protection of Indochinese Refugees. 14. International Solidarity and the Protection of Refugees. 15. The League of Nations and the Refugees. 16. Refugees and Refugee Law in a World in Transition. 17. The Special Regime of Refugees. 18. Reflections concerning the Teaching of and Research into Refugee Law. 19. The Emergent International Law Relating to Refugees: Past - Present - Future. 20. Regulating the Refugees: UN Convention / Protocol on Territorial Asylum. 21. Identifying the World's Refugees. 22. Commission and High Commissioner: Two Modes of International Control. 23. Ways and Prospects of International Cooperation in Refugee Matters. 24. Asylum, Territorial. 25. Refugees, League of Nations Offices. 26. Refugees, United Nations High Commissioner. 27. Fridtjof Nansen Centre, A Proposal. 28. A New High Commissioner for Refugees. 29. Refugees and Displaced Persons: Meeting the Challenge. 30. Protection of Refugees by Their Country of Origin. 31. Sanctuary: Legal Aspects. 32. Refuge in Canada: The Legal Background. 33. The Legal Position of Aliens in Norway. 34. Stemming the Tide: Refugee Law and Policy for a Troubled Age. 35. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 13. Annexes. Index.
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