African Yearbook of International Law / Annuaire Africain de droit international, Volume 7 (1999)


The African Yearbook of International Law provides an intellectual forum for the systematic analysis and scientific dissection of issues of international law as they apply to Africa, as well as Africa's contribution to the progressive development of international law. It contributes to the promotion, acceptance of and respect for the principles of international law, as well as to the encouragement of the teaching, study, dissemination and wider appreciations of international law in Africa. A clear articulation of Africa's views on the various aspects of international law based on the present realities of the continent as well as on Africa's civilization, culture, philosophy and history will undoubtedly contribute to a better understanding among nations.
The African Yearbook of International Law plays an important role in examining the tensions underlying the State in Africa, and by shedding more light on the causes of the fragility of African State institutions so as to facilitate the identification of appropriate remedies. The tension and interrelationships among issues such as territorial integrity, self determination, ethnic diversity and nation-building are constantly addressed. Development, human rights and democratization in Africa are also the subject of continuous attention and examination.
The Special Theme of this volume is Regional Economic Integration in Africa II.

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'The book offers interesting food for discussion and debate about the importance of financial integration and monetary union and the associated risk of overliberalisation of capital movements...'
Michel Tison, Euredia, 2000:4.
Special Theme: Regional Economic Integration in Africa: Part II. Thème spécial: L'Intégration Régionale Économique en Afrique, 2ème Partie. African Integration Schemes: A case Study of the SADC-; M. Ndulo. Trade Liberalization Under ECOWAS; E.K. Kessie. The Treaty For the Establishment of the New East African Community: An Overview; W. Kaahwa. General Articles/Articles Généraux. The Role of International Law in the Colonization of Africa: A Review in Light of Recent Calls for Re-colonization; D.C.J. Dakas. La protection constitutionelle des minorités en Afrique; V. Zakane. La clause des droits de l'homme dans un Accord de Coopération économique étude contextuelle de l'article 5 de la convention de Lomé; P.C. Ulimubenshi. The Realisation of Human Rights Through Sub-regional Institutions; F. Viljoen. Notes and Comments/Notes et commentaires. The 51st Session of the UN International Law Commission; J. Kateka. Constitutionalism, Culture and Tradition: African Experiences in the incorporation of Treaties into Domestic Law; A.O. Adede. The Trial of the Lockerbie Suspects in the Netherlands; C. Morgan. Le mécanisme de règlement des différends dans le cadre de l'Organisation pour l'Interdiction des Armes Chimiques; S. Pounjine. The United Nations and Internal/International Conflicts in Africa: A Documentary survey; M. Sinjela. Basic Documents/Documents. Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community/Traité Instituant la Communauté de l'Afrique Orientale. Analytical Index. Index Analytique.
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