A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations

Author: Helmut Volger
This English edition of the German "Lexikon der Vereinten Nationen" provides concise and comprehensive information not only about the structure of the UN system, its goals and functions, but about recent developments and reform efforts in the face of global opportunities and challenges.
The contributing authors are academic scholars of international law, economics and political sciences; active and former diplomats and UN officials; journalists and members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and offer a variety of interesting perspectives.
The entries are provided with Internet addresses for further information and are supplemented in the annex with a trilingual list (English-French-German) of the most important institutions and items of the official terminology and a list of information facilities concerning the UN.
Readership: scholars and students of international law, international economics and political sciences, teachers, journalists, diplomats and politicians in the parliaments of the UN member states.
"This new encyclopedia on the United Nations is a welcome addition to the works of academic research and political analysis covering the organization, its complex goals in the post-cold war era, and its ever broader role in the new millennium. While taking stock of more than half a century's achievements and setbacks, the encyclopedia also reflects the many ways in which the United Nations touches the lives of people everywhere."
from the Preface by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
The UN Association of the USA has recently included the encyclopedia in its list of recommended titles on the United Nations for libraries, schools and universities.
' This English-language edition of the German Lexikon der Vereinten Nationen provides concise and comprehensive information about the structure of the UN system, its goals and functions, political and legal developments, and reform efforts. The contributing authors include scholars of international law, economics, and political science; active or former diplomats; UN officials; journalists; and members of nongovernmental organizations.' Ruth Wedgwood in American Journal of International Law, 2005 ' ...this Concise Encyclopedia is an excellent resource for anyone serious about the United Nations.' Jeffrey Laurenti, The InterDependent (2003) ' ...a single volume that impressively brings together historical background, current dilemmas, political analysis, and extant proposals for reform as they affect the many agencies of the decentralized UN system.' Jeffrey Laurenti, Security Dialogue, 2003. ' The Encyclopedia is a useful tool for academics and practitioners alike.' Anja Papenfuss in Internationale Politik – Transatlantic Edition, 2002.
Preface of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Introduction of the Editor to the German Edition. Introduction to the English Edition. How to use this book. Abbreviations. Keywords (A - Z). Charter of the United Nations. List of the Member States of the United Nations. Information Facilities of the United Nations. List of UN Depository Libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. UN Documentation System. Trilingual List of UN Terminology. Contributing Authors. Index.