Universal Ethics

Perspectives and Proposals from Scandinavian Scholars


Questions on universal ethics are of utmost importance for peaceful relations between nations, cultures and religions. Are there common values or are all morals just expressions for various political, economic or religious interests?
In this book scholars from different academic fields and with various views discuss questions that in different ways concern both the possibilities and risks of universal or common ethics. The book is divided into five parts; philosophical and ethical perspectives, human rights perspectives, universal ethics and religion, globalization and global governance, universal ethics and Nordic values. Scholars from such fields as philosophy, ethics, human rights, history, political science, sociology and theology are represented. All of the authors are active researchers at Scandinavian universities.
This collection of articles is directed to professionals in various disciplines, but can also serve as an introduction to the subject of universal ethics.

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Introduction; D.-E. Andersson.
Part 1: Philosophical and Ethical Perspectives. Universalism in Ethics and Cultural Diversity; G. Bexell. Towards a Better Life; V. Árnason. Universal Ethics – A Futile Effort? A contractual analysis of the search for a universal ethics; U. Görman. Which Nature, Whose Law – and What About Rights? Reflections on natural law as a tradition of universalist ethics; H. Syse.
Part 2: Human Rights Perspectives. UNESCO and a Common Framework for Ethics. Human rights concerns; G. Alfredsson. Ethical Justification of Universal Rights across Normative Divides; T. Lindholm. Liberal Principles and Minority Rights; H.-I. Roth. Nationalism and Universal Rights; P. Bauhn.
Part 3: Universal Ethics and Religion. A Universal Ethic across the Religions? L. Østnor. Religious Affiliation as a Problem for Universal Ethics; J. Hjärpe. European Perspectives on Ethics and Religion; W.G. Jeanrond.
Part 4: Universal Ethics, Globalisation and Global Governance. Globalisation, Values and Global Governance; G. Sørensen. Global Ethics beyond Westphalia; B. Hettne. Features of Contemporary Globalisation and the Ethical Challenges They Pose to Universal Ethics. Globalisation with many faces; E. Gerle. Globalisation and the Dimension of Culture and Values. The need for new understanding and new tools; K.E. Knutsson.
Part 5: Universal Ethics and Nordic Values. Social Capital and Its Impact on Moral and Political Values. The Nordic experience; T. Petterson, O. Riis. Political Culture and the Nordic Model. Ethics and practice; E. Österberg.
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