Women in the Damascus Document


Women in the Damascus Document offers a fresh look at the nature of the community reflected in the Damascus Document, one of the core documents of the Dead Sea Scrolls. By presenting a close and comprehensive study of the references to women and in-depth analyses of biblically based laws in the document, this work attempts to reconstruct the role of women and attitudes toward women within the community. Highlighting the complex nature of the evidence, the author draws attention to a number of rules that reflect a favorable attitude toward women, but also to instances of a patriarchal stance, especially regarding sexuality. Carefully considering all the evidence, the author argues, in contrast to the opinions of many scholars, that women were full members in the community.

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Cecilia Wassen, Ph.D. (2003), McMaster University, is Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University.
'The author should be complimented on her concise and clear exposition. Besides succinct and well-informed introductions, the analyses of the pertinent text units are properly organized with comments, surveys of scholarly
discussions, and useful conclusions. The volume renders a valuable service to students of the Scrolls and helps to focus the discussion on several important issues.
Devorah Dimant, Review of Biblical Literature, 2006.
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