The Libyan Anarchy

Inscriptions from Egypt’s Third Intermediate Period


Contemporary with the Israelite kingdom of Solomon and David, the Nubian conqueror Piye (Piankhy), and the Assyrian Assurbanipal, Egypt’s Third Intermediate Period is of critical interest not only to Egyptologists but also to biblical historians, Africanists, and Assyriologists. Spanning six centuries and as many dynasties, the turbulent era extended from approximately 1100 to 650 B.C.E. This volume, the first extensive collection of Third Intermediate Period inscriptions in any language, includes the primary sources for the history, society, and religion of Egypt during this complicated period, when Egypt was ruled by Libyan and Nubian dynasties and had occasional relations with Judah and the encroaching, and finally invading, Assyrian Empire. It includes the most significant texts of all genres, newly translated and revised. This volume will serve as a source book and companion for the most thorough study of the history of the period, Kitchen’s The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt.

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Robert K. Ritner is Professor of Egyptology at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. He specializes in Roman, Hellenistic, and Late and Third Intermediate Period (Libyan and Nubian) Egypt and is the author of numerous publications including The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice (Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago).
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