Ancient West & East

Volume 2, No. 2


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Gocha R. Tsetskhladze works in the University of Melbourne. He has excavated for many years in the eastern and northern Pontus, has organised several international conferences, and has published extensively on the archaeology of Greek colonisation and on the Black Sea region, including Ancient Greeks West and East (Leiden, 1999), Die Griechen in der Kolchis (Amsterdam, 1998), and Pichvnari and its Environs (Paris, 1999). He recently co-edited North Pontic Archaeology. Recent Discoveries and Studies (Leiden, 2001).
'This new journal from Brill makes many important promises to all scholars interested in the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and the Near East and the interactions between them. ... By opening a regular avenue for cooperation and conversation among scholars from many disciplines and countries, AWE has a real potential for fulfilling the promises it makes.
BMCR, 2003.
Volume II, No 2

F.C. Woudhuizen, The Luwian Hieroglyphic Inscription on the Stele from Karahöyük-Elbistan
O.W. Muscarella, The Date of the Destruction of the Early Phrygian Period at Gordion
M. Damyanov, On the Local Population around the Greek Colonies in the Black Sea Area (5th–3rd Centuries BC)
L. Abad Casal, I. Grau Mira, F. Sala Sellés and J. Moratalla Jávega, Ancient Trade in South-Eastern Iberia: The Lower Segura River as Focus of Exchange Activities
O. Tal, On the Origin and Concept of the Loculi Tombs of Hellenistic Palestine
A.V. Podossinov, Das Schwarze Meer in der geokartographischen Tradition der Antike und des frühen Mittelalters. I. Lokalisierung von Trapezus
A. Zournatzi, A Goldsmith’s Dedication: New Evidence for the Cult of Asclepius at Trajanopolis
J. Boardman, The Tillya Tepe Gold: A Closer Look

Classical and Ancient Near Eastern archaeologists and historians.
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