Treatise on Zoology - Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology. The Crustacea, Volume 2


With this edition, access to the texts of the famous Traité de Zoologie is now available to a worldwide readership. Parts 1, 2, and 3A of volume VII, i.e., the Crustacea, were published in French in, respectively, 1994, 1996, and 1999. Brill recognized the importance of these books and arranged for a translation to be made. However, some of the manuscripts dated from the early 1980s and it was clear from the beginning that in many fields of biology a mere translation of the existing text would not suffice. Thus, all chapters have been carefully reviewed, either by the original authors or by newly attracted specialists, and adequate updates have been prepared accordingly.

This second volume of The Crustacea, revised and updated from the Traité de Zoologie contains chapters on:
-The circulatory system
-The digestive tract: anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry
-Osmoregulation: morphological, physiological, biochemical, hormonal, and developmental aspects
-The endocrine organs
-The ontogeny of sex and sexual physiology
-The origins of crustacean larvae

The volume concludes with a list of contributors, as well as with both taxonomic and subject indices.


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Biographical Note

J. Forest (†) was well known for his work on decapod crustacean taxonomy. As editor of the original French edition he acted as Supervisory Editor. J.C. von Vaupel Klein, the principal translator of this series, until recently was associate professor at the University of Leiden (now retired) and has been Managing Editor of Crustaceana since 1985. F.R. Schram used to be a full professor at the University of Amsterdam; now emiritus, he is still active in many fields of crustacean research as a research associate at the University of Washington, Seattle, and is Advisory Editor for this series.

Review Quotes

As with Volume 1, I recommend the book be put on your library’s acquisition list. The chapters are good reviews of the topics and will provide a thorough introduction to the literature for graduate students freshly entering the field of crustacean biology. Les Watling, Journal of Crustacean Biology, 28 (2008) p.744 The entire volume is an impressive collection of papers, mostly illustrated with very good-quality figures, including drawings as well as microphotographs. It contains also a vast collection of references, definitely of great importance for all researchers in the field... there is no doubt that “The Crustacea” will become a very important reference book not only for carcinologists but also for academic teachers lecturing invertebrate zoology for whom the book is an extremely rich source of knowledge and the fi gures are just ready to use as illustrations of their courses. Michal Grabowski - Contributions to Zoology, 77 (2008) 53-55