A Companion to John Wyclif

Late Medieval Theologian


The Companion to John Wyclif contains eight substantial essays covering the central aspects of John Wyclif's life and thought. The volume's authors have drawn on an extensive amount of primary material, as well as the most recent secondary sources, so as to present a comprehensive picture of Wyclif in his times. Topics covered include a detailed life and career of Wyclif, and close analyses of his logic and metaphysics; doctrine of the Trinity and Christology; political views; Christian life and piety; sacraments; the Bible; and an examination of his medieval opponents. Experts and students alike will profit from these in-depth studies all of which provide a view of Wyclif in his late medieval context. For those not already familiar with Wyclif this volume will serve as an excellent introduction; and those with greater expertise will find fresh appraisals which may, in turn, lead to further research.

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Ian Christopher Levy (Marquette, 1997) is Associate Professor of Theology at Providence College. He has published articles on various aspects of John Wyclif's thought. He has also published an abridged translation of Wyclif's On the Truth of Holy Scripture (2001); and a monograph on Wyclif's eucharistic theology: John Wyclif: Scriptural Logic, Real Presence and the Parameters of Orthodoxy (2003). He is currently completing a volume of medieval commentaries on the Epistle to the Galatians.
"Truly a 'companion" - an introduction to the life and work of the Oxford reformer, adding however to older research and introducing many new points of view ... not only does the volume as a collection deserve a welcome. so too do the included list of Wyclif's Latin works, the select bilbiography, and last but not least the detailed index". Frantisek Smahel in Český časopis historický Vol. 205, 2007/4.

“certainly a book which will make its mark… Individually and collectively this is an extremely important and valuable set of essays, which no-one working on Wyclif, on the origins of the ‘Lollard’ movement, or on English intellectual activity in the fourteenth century, can afford to ignore.” R.N. Swanson in Heythrop Journal, Nov2008, Vol. 49 Issue 6, p1071-1072.
List of Contributors
Introduction: A Companion to John Wyclif, Ian Christopher Levy

The Latin Writings of Wyclif
1. John Wyclif, c. 1331–1384, Andrew E. Larsen
2. Wyclif ’s Logic and Metaphysics, Alessandro D. Conti
3. Wyclif ’s Trinitarian and Christological Theology, Stephen E. Lahey
4. John Wyclif ’s Ecclesiology and Political Thought, Takahashi Shogimen
5. Sacraments, Stephen Penn
6. John Wyclif and the Christian Life, Ian Christopher Levy
7. Wyclif and the English Bible, Mary Dove
8. The Opponents of John Wyclif, Mishtooni Bose
Conclusion, Ian Christopher Levy
Select Biographies
Index of Works Cited
General Index
Those interested in the history of late medieval England, religious dissent, the Lollards, biblical exegesis, sacramental theology and church reform, late medieval philosophy and political thought.