Ancient West & East

Volume 3, No. 1


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Gocha R. Tsetskhladze works in the University of Melbourne. He has excavated for many years in the eastern and northern Pontus, has organised several international conferences, and has published extensively on the archaeology of Greek colonisation and on the Black Sea region, including Ancient Greeks West and East (Leiden, 1999), Die Griechen in der Kolchis (Amsterdam, 1998), and Pichvnari and its Environs (Paris, 1999). He recently co-edited North Pontic Archaeology. Recent Discoveries and Studies (Leiden, 2001).
'This new journal from Brill makes many important promises to all scholars interested in the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and the Near East and the interactions between them. ... By opening a regular avenue for cooperation and conversation among scholars from many disciplines and countries, AWE has a real potential for fulfilling the promises it makes.'
BMCR, 2003.
Volume III, No 1
S.L. Dudarev, The Mastering of Iron-Working by the Peoples of the Northern Caucasus (Soviet and Russian Historiography of the Second Half of the 20th Century)
S. Vassallo, The Stone Casting Moulds from Colle Madore: Evidence of Metallurgy in Sikanie
H.G. Niemeyer, Phoenician or Greek: Is There a Reasonable Way Out of the Al Mina Debate?
R. Fletcher, Sidonians, Tyrians and Greeks in the Mediterranean: The Evidence from Egyptianising Amulets
M. Alexandrescu Vianu, Présences nord-syriennes et chypriotes en Mer Noire à l’époque archaïque
With a supplement: A. Baltres, A. Andrei, C. Costea and M.V. Rusu, Two Archaic Casts from Histria: Mineralogy, Paint Composition and Storage Products
D.J. Keenan, Radiocarbon dates from Iron Age Gordion are Confounded
A. Apakidze, G. Kipiani and V. Nikolaishvili, A Rich Burial from Mtskheta (Caucasian Iberia)
R. Alston, Writing the Economic History for the Late Antique East: A Review (S. Kingsley and M. Decker [eds.], Economy and Exchange
in the East Mediterranean during Late Antiquity)
N. Pollard, Models, Data or Both? Some Problems of Evidence for the Study of the Late Antique Economy in the East
A. Wilson, Cyrenaica and the Late Antique Economy
R. Tomber, Polarising and Integrating the Late Roman Economy: the Role of Late Roman Amphorae 1–7
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