Théodore de Bèze Le Passavant

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The Epistola Magistri Benedicti Passavantii (1553) or the Passavant is a satire in epistolary form, written by the reformer Theodore Beza and addressed to Pierre Lizet, ex-president of the Parliamant of Paris. He makes use of the satire in order to propagate the ideas of the Reformation: Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura. This edition contains, apart from the text in macaronic Latin, a translation in French and the first detailed commentary from a historical, theological and literary perspective. The introduction deals inter alia with the macaronic Latin and the influence of Rabelais, Erasmus, von Hutten and Viret. Finally, the Complainte de Messire Lizet sur le trespas de son feu nez is added for the first time with a commentary.
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Biographical Note

Jeltine L.R. Ledegang-Keegstra, Ph.D. (2001) in History, University of Leiden, studied French language and literature, Italian and Medieval English at the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Strasbourg. She is an authority on Beza and an expert in the field of satire and macaronic Latin.

Review Quotes

' Ledegang-Keegstra takes a refreshingly interdisciplinary approach to Théodore de Bèze's Passavant (1553), an imaginary report from a Roman Catholic spy in Geneva to the real Pierre Lizet...At first glance, Ledegang-Keegstra's meticulous documentation and annotation may seem excessive to the non-specialist. However, the material is easy to navigate and supports the editor's insights into the primary sources. These insights will be of particular interest to scholars who are concerned with an interdisciplinary approach to sixteenth-century theology, history, and literature. Ultimately, therefore, this volume succeeds in what it attempts.'
Jeffrey Mallinson, Renaissance Quarterly, 2005.

Table of contents



I. La Genèse du Passavant
II. Ridiculiser le ridicule
III. Le Passavant une vraie macaronée?
IV. Bèze et Rabelais
V. Bèze et Erasme
VI. Bèze, Hutten et l’esprit satirique
VII. Bèze et Viret, collègues et amis
VIII. Les Editions du Passavant

Epistola Magistri Benedicti Passavantii
Texte et Traduction

Complainte de Messire Lizet sur le Trespas de son feu nez
1. Introduction
2. Histoire de la Complainte de Messire Lizet
3. Structure de la Complainte
4. Complainte de Messire Lizet sur le trespas de son feu nez. Texte et annotations

Index Nominum
Index Rerum


All those interested in neo-latin studies, the history of literature and theology and the history of the Reformation.


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