Time and Uncertainty


The essays in this volume all originated at the 2001 conference of the International Society for the Study of Time. The theme 'Time and Uncertainty' sounds redundant, but the contributions try to come to terms with the irreducible openness of time and the impermanence of life. The essays from various disciplines have been grouped around 'fracture and rupture' (grappling with time and uncertainty as a breach) and 'rapture and structure (solving uncertainty into pattern).

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Paul Harris is Associate Professor of English at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles) and co-editor of the journal Substance. His research interests include time, literary theory and contemporary literature and science.
Michael Crawford, Ph.D., Toronto, is Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Windsor.
Foreword Paul Harris and Michael Crawford
President’s Welcoming Remarks: My ncertainties About Time - Rémy Lestienne
Founder’s Lecture: Mathematics And Time - J. T. Fraser
Time and Uncertainty: A Metaphorical Equation - Maria L. Assad
Thoreau’s Sense of History: Uncertainty, Identity, Representation - John Dolis
”Ejected from the Present and Its Certainties” The Indeterminate Temporality of Hypertext - Jo Alyson Parker
Get Real: Narrative and Uncertainty in Fiction - Sabine Gross
Time: the uncertainty of frame or content - John S. Kafka
Time and Uncertainty in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poems - Ann Marie Bush
Francis Bacon: Retrospective Uncertainties - Claudia Clausius
A Walk In Looking-Glass Land: Reflections On The Art—Historical `Big Picture’ - Nicholas Tresilian
The Composer As Prophet In Time And Uncertainty - Helen Sills
The Seeds of Time: Time And Uncertainty In Shakespeare - Herbert Bronstein
A Time To Regender: The Transformation Of Roman Time - Melissa Barden Dowling
Relationships Between Subjective Time And Information Processed (Reduction Of Uncertainty) - Ronald P. Gruber, Lawrence F. Wagner, Richard A. Block
A cognitive interpretation of the notion of “uncertainty in time” within the framework of modern physics - Pierre Uzan
The Uncertainty of the Future - Peter Øhrstrøm
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