A Companion to Anabaptism and Spiritualism, 1521-1700


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This handbook provides a comprehensive survey of current scholarship on Anabaptist and Spiritualist history and theology from 1521 to 1700. Since the last half of the twentieth century, the historiography of the Radical Reformation has been the focus of vigorous and creative debate. The volume–broadly cast in terms of geographic scope and topical coverage–carefully untangles the fluid boundaries of Spiritualism and Anabaptism in Early Modern European history. In addition to a narrative summary, each chapter also provides a bibliography of sources and current scholarship, and concludes with suggestions for future research. This handbook will serve a generation of students as the standard reference work on Anabaptism and Spiritualism.

Contributors include: Geoffrey Dipple, Michael Driedger, Hans-Jürgen Goertz, Brad Gregory, Sigrun Haude, Ralf Klötzer, John D. Rempel, John D. Roth, Martin Rothkegel, C. Arnold Snyder, James Stayer, Piet Visser, and R. Emmet McLaughlin.

Originally published in hardcover.

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John D. Roth, Ph.D. (1989) in History, University of Chicago, is Professor of History at Goshen College, Goshen, IN, where he also serves as editor of The Mennonite Quarterly Review and as director of the Mennonite Historical Library.
James Stayer, Ph.D. (1964) in History, Cornell University, came to Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, in 1968 where he taught for the rest of his career. He has published extensively in the field of Anabaptism and supervised the Ph.D.s of Werner Packull, Geoffrey Dipple and Michael Driedger.
"[...] this volume brings Anabaptist research a significant step forward, never failing to provide even the well-read student of Anabaptism with fresh insights, often at the most unexpected of places". - Stephen E. Buckwalter, Bucer-Forschungsstelle, Heidelberg, in: The Mennonite Quarterly Review, Vol. 83, No. 3 (July 2009).
"Der Band, der sich methodisch-theoretisch im Spektrum der aktuellen Diskussionen über die Anfänge der Täufer sowie kulturwissenschaftlicher Ansätze bewegt, stellt ein willkommenes und den Stand der Täuferforschung in breiter Form zusammenfassendes Handbuch dar. [...] Karten ergänzen den Band, auch der Index, der neben Namen und Orten Sachbegriffe und Druckwerke aufgenommen hat, ist lobend hervorzuheben. Das große Verdienst des Bandes ist seine thematisch und chronologisch breite Präsentation der täuferischen Bewegungen, die auch die frühen Anfänge unter Thomas Müntzer, Andreas Karlstadt und die Bauernaufstände sowie die spiritualistischen Traditionen mit einbezieht." - Astrid von Schlachta, Universität Innsbruck, in: Innsbrucker Historische Studien, Vol. 26 (2010), pp. 245-248
List of Contributors

Foreword, John D. Roth
Introduction, James M. Stayer

Chapter One. Karlstadt, Müntzer and the Reformation of the Commoners, 1521–1525, Hans-Jürgen Goertz
Chapter Two. Swiss Anabaptism: The Beginnings, 1523–1525, C. Arnold Snyder
Chapter Three. Swiss-South German Anabaptism, 1526–1540, James M. Stayer
Chapter Four. Spiritualism: Schwenckfeld and Franck and their Early Modern Resonances, Emmet McLaughlin
Chapter Five. Anabaptism in Moravia and Silesia, Martin Rothkegel
Chapter Six.The Melchiorites and Münster, Ralf Klötzer
Chapter Seven. The Spiritualist Anabaptists, Geoffrey Dipple
Chapter Eight. Mennonites and Doopsgezinden in the Netherlands, 1535–1700, Piet Visser
Chapter Nine. Marpeck and Later Swiss Brethren, 1540–1700, John D. Roth
Chapter Ten. Anabaptist Religious Literature and Hymnody, John Rempel
Chapter Eleven. Gender Roles and Perspectives Among Anabaptist and Spiritualist Groups, Sigrun Haude
Chapter Twelve. Anabaptist Martyrdom: Imperatives, Experience, and Memorialization, Brad Gregory
Chapter Thirteen. Anabaptists and the Early Modern State: A Long-Term View, Michael Driedger

All those interested in church history, the history of Reformation, the history of Spiritualism, the history and theology of Anabaptism and the Radical Reformation.
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