Islamic Thought in the Middle Ages

Studies in Text, Transmission and Translation, in Honour of Hans Daiber


The history of Islamic thought in the Middle Ages, the impact of Greek philosophy and science, and the formation of an own theological tradition, is a long and complex one. The articles in this volume dedicated to Hans Daiber, one of the pioneering scholars in this field, offer new insights from a variety of perspectives: philological, philosophical, and historical. The subjects range from Islamic philosophy and theology, over the history of science, the transmission into other medieval cultures to language and literature. In addition to their specific discoveries, they give an impression of the dynamics of medieval Islamic intellectual history as well as of the diversity of approaches needed to understand this dynamics.

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Anna Akasoy, PhD. (2005) in Oriental Studies, University of Frankfurt, is Lecturer at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford. She has published on the history of Islamic philosophy and science, including The Arabic Version of the Nicomachean Ethics (Brill, 2005).

Wim Raven, PhD. (1989) in Arabic Studies, University of Leiden, taught at the Free University of Amsterdam and Frankfurt University, is now Lecturer at the Centre of Near and Middle East Studies, University of Marburg. He has worked on ḥadīth and early Islam.
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