Augustine's Confessions

Communicative Purpose and Audience


This book is about the communicative purpose and the audience of the Confessions. It illuminates the degree to which the communicative purpose of the work is to convert its readers, i.e. a protreptic purpose, and the degree to which the target audience may be identified as Augustine's potential Manichaean readers. A brief survey of possible literary antecedents points to the existence of other works that consist of the same combination of an autobiographical section (a conversion story) with a polemical and exegetical section (an argument that aims to convince the reader of the merits of a specific point of view) that characterizes the Confessions. The book provides a new perspective on the meaning and structure of Augustine's often misunderstood masterpiece.

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Annemaré Kotzé, D.Litt. (2003) in Latin Literature, University of Stellenbosch, is a Lecturer in Latin, Greek and Ancient Cultures at the University of Stellenbosch.
"... eine interessante Perspektive auf die Confessiones insgesamt. Insbesondere vermag Kotzé deutlich herauszuarbeiten, wieso Augustins Vergangenheit einerseits und die Auslegung von Gen 1 andererseits in den Confessiones zusammenfließen." – Volker Henning Drecoll, Tübingen, in: Theologische Literaturzeitung134 (2009)
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