Contemporary Methods – New Insights


The present volume contains a collection of fourteen essays applying the latest and neglected methods and offering new and innovative insights into the interpretation of the New Testament book To the Hebrews.
The excitingly diverse contributions, which stem from an intriguing international group of senior and younger Hebrews, New Testament, and Old Testament scholars, are presented in three parts: Part One focuses on cultic language, concepts, and practice in Hebrews; Part Two on sociology, ethics, and rhetoric in Hebrews; and Part Three on textual-historical, comparative, and intertextual approaches to Hebrews.
As the first ever compilation of essays on Hebrews by a range of authors, this volume presents an important contribution to the field of New Testament studies. It will particularly appeal to students, teachers, and scholars interested in a variety of critical perspectives on Hebrews and on the New Testament’s third great theologian next to Paul and John. Moreover, the treatment of hermeneutical, cultic, sociological, and comparative matters in the context of biblical, Greco-Roman, and rabbinic literature will make this collection valuable to an even broader readership.


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Biographical Note

Gabriella Gelardini received her Dr. theol. in New Testament studies from the University of Basel (Switzerland), where she currently teaches and serves as Wissenschaftliche Oberassistentin am Lehrstuhl für Neues Testament. She wrote a dissertation on Hebrews, entitled “Verhärtet eure Herzen nicht”: Der Hebräer, eine Synagogenhomilie zu Tischa be-Aw (Basel, 2004), co-edited the volume Theoriebildung im christlich-jüdischen Dialog: Kulturwissenschaftliche Reflexionen zur Deutung, Verhältnisbestimmung und Diskursfähigkeit von Religionen (Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2004), and is currently working on her Habilitationsschrift. Dr. Gelardini is also chair and co-chair of the Hebrews Seminar (International Meeting) and the Hebrews Consultation (Annual Meeting) within the Society of Biblical Literature.

Review Quotes

' This collection of essays is a “must read” for every serious student of Hebrews.' Alan C. Mitchell, Religious Studies Review, 2006 ' Gelardini is to be commended for bringing together a volume that opens up many new avenues of inquiry while simultaneously engaging interpreters who may be nervous about abandoning the standard concerns emerging from the historical-critical paradigm.' C. Patrick Gray, Review of Biblical Literature, 2006