Globalization and Health


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This international collection of essays on globalization and health examines the global health issues associated with the economic, technological, political, social, cultural and environmental effects of globalization—the increasing movement of capital, people, technology, goods, information, environmental pollution, and disease around the globe. These essays analyze the complex linkages between globalization and health, the health effects of globalization at all levels (global, national, and local), and the policy and institutional responses associated with the health consequences of globalization.

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Richard L. Harris, is Professor of Global Studies and World Languages and Cultures at California State University, Monterey Bay. He has written extensively on political, economic and social issues in Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as on globalisation, revolutionary change, socialism and democracy. He is a coordinating editor of Latin American Perspectives and the editor of the Journal of Developing Societies.

Melinda J. Seid, Ph.D., is Professor at the Department of Kinesiology and Health at California State University, Sacramento. She is a specialist in health administration and program evaluation and has researched, consulted and written on various health issues in the United States, the Russian Far East and Cuba. Harris and Seid are the editors of a previous Brill publication entitled Critical Perspectives on Globalization and Neoliberalism in the Developing Countries (Brill, 2000).
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List of Contributors

1 Globalization and Health in the New Millennium, Richard L. Harris and Melinda J. Seid
2 Globalization, Health, and the Free Trade Regime: Assessing the Links, Ronald Labonte
3 The Social Dimension of Globalization and Health, Aboubakr A. Badawi
4 Globalization and Health: The Paradox of the Periphery, Christine Mcmurray
5 Health Transition and Globalization in the Pacific: Vestiges of Colonialism?, Sitaleki A. Finau, Iris L. Wainiqolo and Giuseppe G. Cuboni
6 Globalization and Health Policy in South Africa, Di Mcintyre, Stephen Thomas and Susan Cleary
7 Global Challenges to Equity in Safety and Health at Work: Struggles for Fair Work in Southern Africa, Rene Loewenson
8 Reproductive Health in Post-Transition Mongolia: Global Discourses and Local Realities, Kimberley Rak and Craig R. Janes
9 Access to Healthcare via Telehealth: Experiences from the Pacific, Roy Smith
10 Globalization of Risks for Chronic Diseases Demands Global Solutions, Derek Yach and Robert Beaglehole
11 The People’s Health Movement: A People’s Campaign for “Health for all – Now!”, Ravi Narayan and Claudio Schuftan
12 The Globalization of Health: Risks, Responses, and Alternatives, Richard L. Harris and Melinda J. Seid
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