Atlas of European Values


Who are the Europeans? How do they think? What values do they hold dear? What binds them and what divides them? This atlas summarizes the outcomes of the European Values Study, combined with results from the World Values Survey, two projects that have measured values over the past three decades. The European Values Study project is run by researchers from 33 countries and is administered by Tilburg University, the Netherlands.
The Atlas presents European ideas and beliefs in the form of graphs, charts and maps. Values such as democracy, freedom, equality, human dignity and solidarity are held by almost all Europeans, but the survey points to differing views about marriage, religion, work and such topics as euthanasia, happiness, sexuality and death.
This unique Atlas covers all European nations from Iceland to Turkey, from Portugal to the Ukraine. It graphically illustrates the rich diversity that is Europe.

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Loek Halman is an Associate Professor of sociology at Tilburg University, secretary to the Board and the Steering Committee of EVS, and program director of the EVS study.
Ruud Luijkx is an Assistant Professor of sociology at Tilburg University and data manager at the Oldendorff Institute, the research institute at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
Marga van Zundert is a freelance science writer and a science information officer at Tilburg University.
Personally commended by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, it is an impressive volume in every sense of the term. Quite apart from anything else, it visually stunning, beautifully produced by the publishers in a format that displays large amounts of data in a wide range of tables, maps, figures and graphs. - Grace Davie, in:Implicit Religion, 2008
Social scientists, journalists, politicians, and all others interested in human values or social science.
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