Enriching the Sociological Imagination

How Radical Sociology Changed the Discipline


This book presents classical articles influencing the field that appeared in The Insurgent Sociologist, along with current reflections by the original authors. These selections reflect radical sociology’s continuing interest in capitalist development, class, race, gender, and power. The introduction contextualizes the role of The Insurgent Sociologist in the development of a radical sociology and its impact on the discipline. The conclusion provides an agenda for how the next version of critical sociology should relate to and strengthen the heterogeneous world of civil society. Never have so many prominent sociologists provided such a rare intellectual treat by being so frank about their own past work, and then suggest how we can do better in the future to provide frameworks for a critical and relevant sociology.

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Rhonda F. Levine, Ph.D. (1980) in Sociology, SUNY-Binghamton is Professor of Sociology at Colgate University. Her most recent books include Class, Networks, and Identity: Replanting Jewish Lives from Nazi Germany to Rural New York (2001) and Social Class and Stratification: Classic Statements and Theoretical Debates (1998).
Introduction: Legacies of The Insurgent Sociologist Part I Conceptualizing Sociology for Radicals 1. The Trajectory of a Radical Sociology 2. Towards a Socialist Sociology Part II Power and Class: The Ruling Class Thirty Years Later 3. What Does the Ruling Class Do When It Rules? 4. State and Class in Ruling Class America 5. State and Ruling Class in Corporate America 6. Spilling Out (Again)” 7. Accidents, Scandals, and Routines: Resources for Insurgent Methodology Part III. Class and Inequality: Comments on “The Long Shadow” 8. The Long Shadow of Work: Education, the Family, and the Reproduction of the Social Division of Labor 9. The Future of Class Analysis: Reflections on "Class Structure and Political Ideology” 10. Class Structure and Political Ideology 11. Reflections on “The Feminization of Poverty: Myth or Reality” Part IV. Race and Gender: Comments on “Class Approaches to Ethnicity and Race” 12. Reflections on “Constructing a Theory of Capitalist Patriarchy and Socialist Feminism” Part V. Capitalism and the World Economy: Introductory Comments to “Alternative Perspectives in Marxist Theory of Accumulation and Crisis” 13. Introduction to “Contradictions of Capitalism as a World System” Part VI. The Future for a Critical Sociology: The Critical Turn to Public Sociology About the Authors Bibliography Index
All those interested in radical sociology, sociology of knowledge, political sociology, social class, social theory, the history of sociology, public sociology, Marxist sociology, social movements, intellectual history.