Race and Ethnicity

Across Time, Space and Discipline


Race and ethnicity, much like water and air, are all around us. Yet, race and ethnicity remain imprevious to many of us. Hence in this volume authors were challenged to think outside the box. As such, scholars were encouraged to dare to contemplate, to evaluate, and analyze issues regarding race and ethnicity from radically different perspectives. This critical process required them to evaluate their own assumptions and those of their respective disciplines. Therefore, much like walking a tight-rope without a net, the scholars attempt to free themselves from the disciplinarian blinders that often preclude the development of fresh insights. Collectively the papers challenge the way we conceive and perceive of race and ethnicity. As a consequence they go past the ideological constraints that normally limit such discourse by disciplinarian boundaries or disciplinarian myopia. Therefore, these papers provide a critical reappraisal of race and ethnicity.

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Rodney D. Coates, Ph.D. (1987) in Sociology, University of Chicago, is Professor of Sociology and Gerontology and the Director of Black World Studies at Miami University. He has published extensively in the area of critical race and ethnic relations.
' This provocative, well-researched volume includes studies of ...the role of the state,...multiple ways of viewing black identity...' Choice Magazine, April 2005.
Introduction Part One Race Across Time 1. Apples are the Color of Blood 2. Confederate Police and the Post-Slavery Racial Order: A New Perspective on the New Orleans Race Riot of 1866 3. The State and the Production of Racial Categories 4. The End of Race? Rethinking the Meaning of Blackness in Post-Civil Rights America 5. How to Talk Nasty About Blacks Without Sounding “Racist”: Exposing the Sophisticated Style of Color-Blind Racism 6. A Critical Sociology of African Americans, the U.S. Welfare State, and Neoliberalism in the Era of Corporate Globalization 7. Looking B(l)ackward: 2097–1997 Part Two Race Across Space 8. Transforming Racial Identity Through Affirmative Action 9. Do the right thing – race and ethnic differences in integrity 10. The Black Radical Traditions in the South: Confronting Empire 11. Exploring the Racial Discrimination and Competition Processes of Race-Specific Violence in the Urban Context 12. A Black Feminist Critique of the Social Construction of Crack Cocaine along Race, Class, and Gender Lines 13. Dining While Black: Racial Rituals and the Black American Restaurant Experience 14. Ethnography, Demography and Service-Learning: Situating Lynwood Park Part Three Race Across Discipline 15. On Black Athena, Hippocratic Medicine, and Roman Imperial Edicts: Egyptians and the Problem of Race in Classical Antiquity 16. Metaphoric Black Bodies in the Hinterlands of Race; Or, Towards Deciphering the Du Boisian Concept of Race and Nation in “The Conservation of Races” 17. Sexism, Racism and African American Muslim Women: What Does Wearing Hijab Mean to Them? 18. Repression, Racism, and Resistance: The New Orleans Black Urban Regime and a Challenge to Racist Neoliberalism 19. Ethnic Pluralism and National Identity in Nigeria 20. I Don’t Sing, I Don’t Dance, and I Don’t Play Basketball! Is Sociology Declining in Significance, or Has It Just Returned To Business As Usual? References Notes on Contributors Index
All, both within and external to the academia, interested in issues, studies, theories, policies, and change associated with race and ethnicity from the classics, sociology, history, criminal justice, cultural and literary theory, education, and political science.