From Occupation to Interim Accords: Israel and the Palestinian Territories


This book represents an in-depth legal analysis of the lengthly and complicated agreements signed between Israel and the PLO. The legal and administrative developments that took place in the Palestinian areas over the past twenty years are surveyed and closely analysed, providing the background essential to an understanding of the agreements signed between Israel and the PLO. The negotiation process is critically considered and the pot-agreement legislation is reviewed. There is an analyses of the legal developments in the areas under the Palestinian Authority which is the first of its kind. The book has appendices which include military orders and proclamations, letters and negotiation documents which have not been previously published.
Raja Shehadeh is a Palestinian lawyer practising in Ramallah since 1979 and is barrister of Lincoln's Inn. He is one of the founders of Al-Haq, the West Bank affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists in Geneva. He was an advisor to the Palestinian negotiation team in Washington, D.C. from November 1991 to September 1992 and he has written a number of books and articles on the law and life in the Occupied Territories including, Ocupier's Law: Israel and the West Bank, Washington D.C. 1985, revised edition 1988, The Sealed Room: Selection from the Diary of a Palestinian Living under Israeli Occupation, September 1990- August 1991, London 1992 and the Weight of Legal History: Constraints and Hopes in the Search for a Sovereign Legal Language in The Arab-Israeli Accords: Legal Perspectives, edited by Eugene Cotran and Chibli Mallat, London 1996.
Introduction. 1. The Declaration of Principles. 2. The Interim Agreement. 3. The Legal Changes in the Occupied Territories Prior to the Interim Agreement. 4. The Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations. 5. Post-Agreements Legislation. Appendices.
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