Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Volume 4 (1997-1998)


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Table of Contents to Volume 4 Biographical Notes Preface Part I – Articles Commercial Security over Movables in the UAE: A Comparative Analysis in the Light of English Law, French Law and the Shari 'a - Nicholas Foster Libyan Economic Policy and Joint Venture Investments - Salem A. Gammed Jordan's Financial Laws: An Introduction to an Arab Model in Securities Regulation - Lu'ayy Minwer al-Rimawi The UN Sanctions Regime: The Case of Iraq - Abd al Amir al-Anbari Women's Human Rights in Islam: Towards a Theoretical Framework - Shaheen Sardar Ali Islamic Law in Malaysia: Issues and Developments - Mohammad Hashim Karnali Islamic Law in Indonesia - Sebastiaan Pompe The Application of Islamic Law in Nigeria - Mamman A. Lawan Yusufari Social Security and Social Insurance Law: A Survey of Nine Arab States - Hyam Mallat Part II – Country Surveys Egypt - Kosheri, Rashed & Riad Syria - Jacques el-Hakim Iraq - Sabah Al-Mukhtar Jordan - Hamzeh Haddad Palestine - Anis AI-Qasem Lebanon - Chibli Mallet Libya - Mustafa El-Alem Sudan - John Wuol Makec Kuwait: Setting up and Marketing Investment Funds - Fadi B. Nader Saudi Arabia: - Michael Dark and Vernon Handley, Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan Legal Developments in Saudi Arabia - Salah Al-Hejailan United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Richard Price, Chord Chance, Dubai Bahrain - Husain M. Al-Baharna Qatar - Najeeb Al-Nauimi Oman - David Wilson and Richie Alder, Trowers & Hamlin, Oman Yemen - Nageeb Shamiri Algeria - Yamina Kebir Morocco - Michèle Zirari Devif Tunisia - Afif Gaïgi Pakistan - Martin Lau Turkey - Sibel Inceoglu Part III – Selected Documents Resolutions and International Agreements United Nations Iraq Resolution 1111 4 June 1997 Resolution 1115 21 June 1997 Resolution 1129 12 September 1997 Resolution 1134 23 October 1997 Resolution 1137 12 November 1997 Resolution 1143 4 December 1997 Resolution 1153 20 February 1998 Resolution 1154 2 March 1998 Resolution 1158 25 March 1998 Resolution 1175 19 June 1998 Resolution 1194 9 September 1998 Memorandum of Understanding European Union-Jordan Jordan's Recent Association Agreement with the European Union (Comment - Lu'ayy Minwer Al-Rimawi) United States -Iraq Congress Resolution H. CON. RES. 137, 13 November 1997 Senate Resolution 179, 26 February 1998 Congress Resolution H.J. RES. 125, 25 June 1998 Senate, Amendment to Foreign Operations Bill, 1 September 1998 Legislation and Documents Rules of Conciliation, Arbitration and Expertise of the Euro-Arab Arbitration System Egypt Law on Investment Guarantees and Incentives (Law No. 8 of 1997) Law Amending some Rules of the Law Concerning Joint Stock Companies, Partnerships Limited by Shares and Limited Liability Companies Promulgated by Law No. 159 of 1981 (Law No. 3 of 1998) Palestine The Palestinian Authoritiy Ministry of Justice Rule of Law Strategic Development Plan August 1996 Palestinian National Authority Ministry of Justice Legal Development Project Advisory Board Rules and Regulations May 1998 Oman Law of Arbitration in Civil and Commercial Disputes (Royal Decree 47/97) The New Arbitration Act of the Sultanate of Oman (Comment - Abdul Hamid El- Ahdab) Malaysia Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act (Act No. 559 of 1997) Part IV – Selected Cases International Court of Justice -Libyan Arab Jamahiriya v. United States of America Yemen - Republic of Yemen v. Baron, Smith and Omar Part V – Book Reviews Feminism and Islam: Legal and Literary Perspectives - Doreen Hinchcliffe The Qadi and the Fortune Teller - Anis Al-Qasem From Occupation to Interim Accords: Israel and the Palestinian Territories - Anis Al-Qasem Citizenship and the State: A Comparative Study of Citizenship Legislation in Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon - Anis Al-Qasem Business Laws of Yemen - Nabil Saleh Islamic Law and Finance: Religion, Risk and Return - Nabil Saleh Islamic Law: Theory and Practice - Mona Siddiqui Human Rights, Self-Determination and Political Change in the Occupied Territories - Lyn Welchman The Role of the Judiciary in the Protection of Human Rights - Lyn Welchman British Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction in the Gulf 1913-1971: An Analysis of the System of British Courts in the Territories of the British Protected States of the Gulf During the Pre-Independence Era - Eugene Cotran Jerusalem Today: What Future for the Peace Process? - Anis Kassim Notes and News Obituary of Dr Norman Calder (1950-1998) Index