Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Volume 3 (1996-1997)


Table of Contents to Volume 3

Biographical Notes

Part I – Articles
Precontractual Liability in Mineral Negotiations with Special Reference to Islamic Law - W.M.H. El-Malik
The Legal Structure of Islamic Finance and Privatization - F.B. Nader
Privatization: Oman and Egypt - B. McArdle McKinney
Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited ("Qatargas"): The Downstream Project - a Case Study - A.S. Macartney
The Palestinian: From Hyphenated Citizen to Integrated Citizen - A.F. Kassim
Israeli Civilian Settlements in the Occupied Arab Territories Revisited - L.M. Al-Rimawi
Justice and the Law in the Sudan - J.W. Makec
Recent Developments in the Administration of Islamic Law in Malaysia - T.S.D.A.M. Ibrahim
Prospects for Muslim Law in South Africa: A History and Recent Developments - E. Moosa
Ia an Adult Muslim Woman Sui Juris? Some Reflections on the Concept of "Consent in Marriage" without a Wali (with Particular Reference to the Saima Waheed Case) - S.S. Ali

Part II – Country Surveys
Egypt - Kosheri, Rashed & Riad
Syria - J. El-Hakim
Iraq - S. Al-Mukhtar
Jordan - H. Haddad
Palestine - A. Al-Qasem
Lebanon - C. Mallat
Libya - M. El-Alem
Sudan - J.W. Makec
Kuwait - El-Fatih El-Shazali Osman
UAE - R. Price, C. Chance, Dubai
Bahrain - H.M. Al-Baharna
Qatar - N. Al-Nauimi
Oman - N. Edmondes, C. Trower and David Wilson of Trowers & Hamlins
Yemen - N. Shamiri
Iran - M.A. Ansari-Pour
Morocco - Michèle Zirari-Devif
Tunisia - A. Gaïgi
Pakistan - M. Lau

Part III – Selected Documents
Treaties, International Agreements and UN Resolutions
Palestine-Israel: Protocol Concerning Redeployment in Hebron, January 15, 1997
United Nations - East Jerusalem: Resolution 51/223, 13 March 1997
United Nations - East Jerusalem: Resolution ES-10/2, 25 April 1997
Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation in the fields of Telecommunications and Posts
Agreement of Transportation
Air Services Agreement
Agreement on Scientific and Cultural Exchange
Agreement on Special Arrangements for Aqaba and Eilat
Agreement on Cooperation in Environment Protection and Nature Conservation
Yemen-Eritrea: Agreement on Priciples [the Paris Agreement], 21 May 1996
Yemen-Eritrea: Arbitration Agreement, 3 October 1996
United Nations - Iraq: Resolution 1051, 27 March 1996
United Nations - Iraq: Resolution 1060, 12 June 1996

Egypt - Law Organizing the Ownership of Built Real Estate and Vacant Lands by Non-Egyptians (Law No. 230 of the Year 1996)
Kuwait - Law Concerning the Disclosure of Commissions Tendered in Contracts Concluded by the State (Law No. 25 for the Year 1996)
Oman - The Basic Law of the State

Part IV – Selected Cases
Saudi Arabia - Defence Submission by Salah Ibrahim Al-Hejailan in the case of Lucille McLauchlan and Deborah Kim Parry
Lebanon - Mukhaiber v. Abu Haidar
Dubai - In re custody of daughter X
South Africa - Ryland v. Edros (Case Note - E. Moosa)
Pakistan - Abdul Waheed v. Asma Jehangir (the Saima Waheed Case) (Case Note - M. Lau).

Part V – Book Reviews
Human Rights and Democracy: The Role of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt - A. Al-Qasem
Arab Law Quarterly - E. Cotran
Consortia Agreements in the International Construction Industry with Special Reference to Egypt - N.G. Bunni
The Middle East into the 21st Century: The Japan Lectures and Other Studies on the Arab-Isreali Conflict, the Gulf Crisis and Political Islam - E. Cotran
The Palestine Yearbook of International Law, Vol.8 - E. Cotran
The Rule of Law in the Arab World: Courts in Egypt and the Gulf - C. Mallat
Law, Government and the Constitution in Malaysia - C.Mallat
Islamic Marriage and Divorce Laws of the Arab World - L. Welchman
Fiduciary Contracts in Lebanon, Law 520/96: A Preliminary Study - Droit patrimonial de la famille. Les Libéralités - Droit patrimonial de la famille. Les Successions - C. Mallat

Notes and News
Obituary of Professor Dr. Samia Rashed (1935-1997)
The Arab Regional Forum Session, IBA Biennial Conference, Berlin October 1996
The Yemeni Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration

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