Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Volume 5 (1998-1999)


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Table of Contents to Volume 5

Biographical Notes

Part I – Articles
An Overview of the Egyptian Judicial System, and its History - Adel Omar Sherif
Shari'a and Positive Legislation: is an Islamic State Possible or Viable? - Abdullahi A. An-Na'im
Guarantees in the UAE: a Comparative Analysis in the Light of English Law, French Law and the Shari'a - Nicholas Foster
Kuwaiti, Jordanian and Omani Securities Markets: a Comparative Survey - Lu'ayy Minwer al-Rimawi
Doing Business in Egypt - Tarek Riad
A Note on the Theory and Practice of Islamic Banking - John Donohue
The 1998 Proposed Civil Marriage Law in Lebanon: the Reaction of the Muslim Communities - Nadia El-Cheikh
The Status of Children and their Protection in Algerian Law - Yamina Kebir
The Concept of Wilaya in Hanafi Law: Authority versus Consent in al-Fatawa al- 'Alamgiri - Mona Siddiqui

Part II – Country Surveys
Egypt - Kosheri, Rashed & Riad
Iraq - Sabah Al-Mukhtar
Iran - M.A. Ansari-Pour
Jordan - Hamzeh Haddad
Palestine - Anis Al-Qasem
Lebanon - Nayla Comair-Obeid
Libya - Mustafa El-Alem
Sudan - John Wuol Makec
Kuwait - Fadi B. Nader
Saudi Arabia - Vernon Handley and Fares Al-Hejailan, Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan
United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Richard Price, Clifford Chance
Bahrain - Husain M Al-Baharna
Qatar - Najeeb Al-Nauimi
Oman - Nicholas Edmondes, Trowers & Hamlins, Oman
Yemen - Nageeb Shamiri
Algeria - Yamina Kebir
Morocco - Michèle Zirari-Devif
Tunisia - Afif Gaïgi
Pakistan - Martin Lau
Turkey - Sibel Inceoglu
Syria - Jacques El-Hakim

Part III – Selected Documents
Resolutions and International Agreements
United Nations - Iraq
Resolution 1205 5 November 1998
Resolution 1210 24 November 1998
United States - Iraq
Congress Resolution HR 4655 EH
Wye River Memorandum
The Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum

Statement of the Palestinian Central Council, 27 April 1999
The Casablanca Declaration of the Arab Human Rights Movement
The Sana'a Declaration of the Emerging Democracies Forum
The Beirut Declaration: Recommendations of the First Arab Conference on Justice

Part IV – Selected Cases
Arbitral Award in the Matter of the Arbitration between Eritrea and Yemen
Court of Appeal, Civil Division, England - Osman v. Elasha
Case Comment: Cross - border Abduction of Children - David Pearl

Part V – Book Reviews
Islamic Institutiosn in Jerusalem - Anis Al-Qasem
The Distinguished Jurist's Primer - Mona Siddiqui
The Origins of Islamic Law: The Qur'an, the Muwatta' and Madinan 'Amal - Ahmad Mahmmoud Ajaj
A History of Islamic Legal Theories: An Introduction to Sunni: usul al-fiqh - Nabil Saleh
Legal Pluralism in the Arab World - Lynn Welchman
Marriage on Trial - Doreen Hinchcliffe
Muslim Family Law - Doreen Hinchcliffe
The Palestine Yearbook of International Law - Anis Al-Qasem
United Arab Emirates Court of Cassation Judgments, 1989-1997 - Nabil Saleh
The Law of Business Contracts in the Arab Middle East - Nicholas Foster
Arab Islamic Banking and the Renewal of Islamic Law - Nicholas Foster

Notes and News
Obituary of Tan Sri Datuk Professor Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim (1916-1999)

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