Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Volume 6 (1999-2000)


Editor: Eugene Cotran

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Eugene Cotran, Circuit Judge, Visiting Professor of Law, SOAS, Chairman, CIMEL, London, UK.
Table of Contents to Volume 6 Biographical Notes Preface Part I – Articles Attacks on the Judiciary: Judicial Independence - Reality or Fallacy? - Adel Omar Sherif Freedom of the Press in Egypt: Checks and Balances - Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron Islam and Constitutional Development in Pakistan - Martin Lau State Cases in the Republic of Yemen - Abdalla Ahmed Ghanem Women's Rights in Yemen Today - Saeed Hasson Sohbi A New Commercial Code for Egypt - David Wilson Strict Liability in the Law of the Sudan - John Wuol Makec Remedy or Device? The System of Khul' and the Effects of its Incorporation into Egyptian Personal Status Law - Dawoud el-Alami The Legal Relationship of a Father with his Illegitimate Child under Islamic and Iranian Law - M.A. Ansari-Pour The Status of Children and their Protection in Algerian Law (Part II) - Yamina Kebir Part II – Country Surveys Egypt - Kosheri, Rashed & Riad Syria - Jacques el-Hakim Iraq - Sabah Al-Mukhtar Jordan - Hamzeh Haddad Palestine - Anis Al-Qasem Lebanon - Nayla Comair-Obeid Libya - Mustafa El-Alem Sudan - John Wuol Makec Kuwait - Fadi B. Nader Saudi Arabia - Vernon Handley and Fares Al-Hejailan, Law Firm of Salah al-Hejailan, Riyadh United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Jonathan Brown, Clifford Chance, Dubai Bahrain - Husain M. Al-Bahama Qatar - Najeeb Bin Muhammed Al-Nauimi Oman - Roger Clarke, Trowers & Hamlins, Oman Yemen - Nageeb Shamiri Iran - M.A. Ansari-Pour Algeria - Yamina Kebir Morocco - Michèle Zirari-Devif Tunisia - Afif Gaïgi Pakistan - Martin Lau Part III – Selected Documents Resolutions and International Agreements United Nations - Iraq Resolution 687 (1991) Implementation of Security Council Resolution 986 (1995) and the Memorandum of Understanding Resolution 1280 (1999) Resolution 1281 (1999) Resolution 1284 (1999) United Nations Commission on Human Rights - Yemen Decision Relating to Yemen Adopted without a Vote at the Commission's 22nd (Closed) Meeting on 31 March 2000 Yemen - Saudi Arabia The Jeddah Treaty Regarding the Settlement of the International Land and Maritime Boundaries between the Republic of Yemen and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Legislation Yemen Privatization Law No. 45/1999 Egypt Extracts from Law No. 17 of the Year 1999 Promulgating the Commercial Code Document Roundtable on Strategies to Address "Crimes of Honour": A Summary Report Part IV – Selected Cases Arbitral Award in the Second Stage of the Proceedings in the Matter of the Arbitration between Eritrea and Yemen (Maritime Delimitation) Part V – Book Reviews The Ordinances of Government (Al-Ahkam al-Sultaniyya) - Mona Siddiqui Democracy, the Rule of Law and Islam - Anis Al-Qasem Gender and Human Rights in Islam and International Law: Equal before Allah, Unequal before Man? - Lynn Welchman The Justice of Islam - Ian Edge Essays and Addresses on Arab Laws - Nabil Saleh, N.H.D. Foster Arbitral Awards of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration - Nabil Saleh The Middle East in the New Millennium: Economic Development and Business Law - Ian Edge The Palestinian Exodus 1948-1998 - Abbas Shiblak The Status of Palestinian Refugees in International Law - Anis Al-Qasem Islamic Law of Inheritance - Doreen Hinchcliffe Index