Human Rights Law: From Dissemination to Application

Essays in Honour of Göran Melander


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This unique collection of essays has been compiled in honour of Professor Göran Melander, one of the founders of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI), in Lund, Sweden. Göran Melander served as the Institute’s first director and subsequently as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The volume illustrates the complex relationship between dissemination of human rights standards and their application in human rights law, and thus serves as a tribute to Melander’s belief in and commitment to the dynamics of education in human rights law. The contributors are human rights scholars and activists, all colleagues and friends associated with various stages of Melander’s professional career.

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Part I Human Rights Education Group Accommodation and the Challenges of Education: Multicultural or Intercultural – or a Combination of the Two? Asbjørn Eide; The Importance of an Education in Human Rights M. Arthur Diakité; The Education of Police in Human Rights – A Framework for Human Rights Programmes for Police Ralph Crawshaw; Human Rights Education in China Li Baodong; Human Rights Education and Research in China: The Contribution of The Raoul Wallenberg Institute Sun Shiyan; Human Rights Education in the Netherlands Cees Flinterman and Stacey Nitchov; The Protection of Civilian educational institutions during the Active Hostilities of International Armed Conflict in International Humanitarian Law David A. G. Lewis; The Self-Reflective Human Rights Promoter Jonas Grimheden; Part II Human Rights Applied Hugo Grotius and the Roots of Human Rights Law Ove Bring; Human Rights before International Criminal Courts Vojin Dimitrijević and Marko Milanović; Never Again? Rwanda and the World Lennart Aspegren; The Contested Notion of Freedom of Opinion Herdís Thórgeirsdottir; From ‘Protective Passports’ to Protected Entry Procedures? The Legacy of Raoul Wallenberg in the Contemporary Asylum Debate Gregor Noll; Implementing International Human Rights Law on behalf of Asylum Seekers and Refugees: The Record of the Nordic Countries Brian Gorlick And Robin Lööf; Legal Position of Asylum Seekers in Austria Lauri Hannikainen; Refugees in Swedish Private International Law Michael Bogdan; Medborgerliga Fri- och Rättigheter i Regeringsformen 1974 Processen och Motiven för Införande Carl-Gustaf Andrén ; Various Interpretations of Human Rights for Women – Challenges at United Nations’ Conferences Elisabeth Gerle; Implementation of International Conventions as a Socio-Legal Enterprise: Examples from the Convention on the Rights of the Child Håkan Hydén.
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