High Germans in the Low Countries

German Merchants and Commerce in Golden Age Antwerp


Author: Donald Harreld
This volume looks at the South German merchant community during Antwerp's Golden Age by examining German involvement in the social life of the city as well as by tracing merchants' commercial activities. The first section of the book considers the institutions of trade and the role Germans played in their development and how Germans interacted with other foreign merchant communities. The second section takes a wider view by tracing the commercial networks that South German merchants operated in and by quantifying South German participation in Antwerp's foreign trade.

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Donald J. Harreld, Ph.D. (2000) in History, University of Minnesota, is Assistant Professor of History at Brigham Young University.
' Harreld casts considerable light on what has been a dark corner of the economic history of Antwerp.'
James M. Murray, American Historical Review, 2005.
Ch. 1 Introduction 1
Ch. 2 The development of the Antwerp market before 1500 17
Ch. 3 Antwerp's foreign merchant communities 40
Ch. 4 The Germans in Antwerp 60
Ch. 5 Commerce and urban networks 95
Ch. 6 The infrastructure of Antwerp's German trade 114
Ch. 7 Trade between Antwerp and Germany in the sixteenth century 128
Ch. 8 German activities in the second half of the sixteenth century and the decline of the Antwerp market 172
Ch. 9 The German contribution 184
App. 1 Money 191
App. 2 Merchants with exports to Germany over 1000 [pound] Flemish Groot (1543-1545) 193
App. 3 Total value of exports from Antwerp to various German cities (1543-1545) 195
App. 4 Value of principal products exported from Antwerp to South German destinations (1543-1545)

This book will be of interest to those interested in Antwerp history, the economic history of the Low Countries and Germany, as well as scholars interested in trade and merchants more generally.