Globalization and the Environment


What is missing in the mounting literature on globalization is a focused theoretical foundation with parallel empirical examinations of global structures and their environmental consequences. The articles in this volume examine how the world-economy and related non-economic forms of global structuring impact the natural environment and the living conditions of human populations living across the globe. Environmental dynamics in areas as diverse as Ancient Egypt and the Modern Amazon are presented for readers who are new to the world-systems approach and for others interested in recent efforts to link environmental outcomes and antecedents to global processes.

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Andrew K. Jorgenson, Ph.D. (2004) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Washington State University. His recent research on the environmental impacts of international trade and foreign investment as well as studies of the ecological footprints of nations have been published in journals including Social Forces and Social Problems. Edward L. Kick is Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at North Carolina State University. He has published articles on world-system structures and change in the modern era, as well as various papers that link world-system structure to national attributes such as economic development and the structure of organizations.
1. Globalization and the Environment: An Introduction, Andrew K. Jorgenson And Edward L. Kick 2. The Ecology and the Economy: What is Rational?, Immanuel Wallerstein 3. Cornucopia or Zero-Sum Game? The Epistemology of Sustainability, Alf Hornborg 4. A Quantitative, Cross-National Study of Deforestation in the Late 20th Century: A Case of Recursive Exploitation, Thomas J. Burns, Edward L. Kick and Byron L. Davis 5. Foreign Investment Dependence and the Environment: A Global Perspective, Jeffrey Kentor and Peter Grimes 6. Social Roots of Global Environmental Change: A World-Systems Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Emissions, J. 7. Timmons Roberts, Peter Grimes and Jodie Manale 8. Emissions of Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides in the Modern World-System, Richard York And Eugene A. Rosa 9. The Flow of Hazardous Exports in the World-System: The Case of the Maquiladora Centers of Northern Mexico, R. Scott Frey 10. Large Dams as Development: Re-structuring Natural Resources in Lesotho, Yvonne Braun 11. The Shifting Nature(s) of “Development”: Growth, Crisis, and Recovery in Indonesia’s Forests, Paul K. Gellert 12. Matter, Space, Energy and Political Economy: The Amazon in the World System, Stephen G. Bunker 13. Integrating Resource Consumption into Macrosociological Analyses of Global Social Change and Environmental 14. Degradation, Andrew K. Jorgenson, James Rice, Jessica Crowe and Julie Rice 15. Ecological Degradation and the Evolution of World-Systems, Christopher Chase-Dunn And Thomas Hall 16. Ecological Crisis Phases, Globalization, and World-System Evolution, Sing Chew References About the Authors Index
All those interested in the environment, global warming, deforestation, globalization and global issues, technological change and human well-being.