Xerxes' Greek Adventure

The Naval Perspective


This volume deals with Xerxes’ invasion of Greece (480 B.C.), particularly as a naval operation. It examines the traditions preserved by Aischylos, Herodotos, and others against the background of the revolutionary naval developments in the period preceding Xerxes’ decision to attack. Among the subjects discussed are: the naval pressure on Persian foreign policy; the strength in numbers of the Persian navy in 480; its deployment in the waters of Salamis related to the physical features of the battlefield and the position of the Greeks; Themistokles’ legendary message as a key to the Persian plan of attack; the quality of the opposing ships and their tactical capabilities; the battle of Salamis itself and its outcome. The book includes maps and a photograph of the area discussed.
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Biographical Note

H.T. Wallinga, Ph.D. (1956), Utrecht, was Professor of Ancient History at the Universities of Amsterdam (1960-64) and Utrecht (until 1990), the Netherlands. He has published on ancient maritime history, including Ships and Sea-power befor the Great Persian War. The Ancestry of the Trireme, (Brill, 1993).

Review Quotes

' a highly intelligent, learned book, from which any reader will learn a great deal'
David Potter, BMCR.


Classical philologists, and all those interested in the history of late ancient Greece, Achaemenid Persia, (ancient) naval history.


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