Identity Matters

John, the Jews and Jewishness


This book challenges current scholarly consensus concerning John’s references to the Jews in two ways. First, the author suggests that John’s portrayal of the Jews cannot be understood as a response to the violent policy of John’s opponents. Second, the author claims that John’s portrayal of Jewishness is much more ambivalent than is often claimed today.
The first part of the book offers a detailed criticism on the so called two-level reading strategy which claims that John’s references to the Jews emerge from the conflict with rabbinic Judaism. The second part examines in detail John’s relationship to some basic markers of Jewishness.
The book contributes to the ongoing discussion of anti-Judaism in John and efforts to understand John’s historical setting.
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Biographical Note

Raimo Hakola, Th.D. (2003) in Theology, University of Helsinki, is Postdoctoral Researcher at the Academy of Finland. He has published articles on narrative criticism and the Fourth Gospel.

Review Quotes

' This is an excellent study adding significantly to our knowledge of the first-century religious world and the place of John’s Gospel in this world. As is customary in Brill publications, the book concludes with an extensive bibliography, an index of authors cited, and an index of primary sources.'
Mary L. Coloe, Review of Biblical Literature, 2007.


New Testament and Johannine scholars, rabbinic scholars, undergraduate students, all those interested in early Christianity, early Jewish-Christian relations and modern Jewish-Christian dialogue.


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