Europe and the Americas

State Formation, Capitalism and Civilizations in Atlantic Modernity


Author: Jeremy Smith
This volume takes up current debates in comparative and historical sociology that deal with multiple modernities and civilizations. It does so through an examination of patterns of state formation, civilization and the development of capitalism in the interaction of European and American worlds over three centuries.
The early part of the argument explores cutting-edge theoretical debates around the nature of early modern formations. Sections on state formation, civilizational identities and capitalist development introduce new perspectives on both Europe and America. They bring into question classical images of Western expansion and modernization, providing an alternative picture of colonialism and inter-civilizational encounters. This book brings the Atlantic zone into rich fields of sociological thinking about civilizations and modernity.

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Jeremy C.A. Smith, Ph.D. (1996) in Social Theory, University of Melbourne, lectures in sociology at the University of Ballarat (Australia). He has published research in historical sociology and social theory in relation to Europe, the Americas and Japan.
Introduction by S. N. Eisenstadt 1. Atlantic Modernity and Its Dimensions 2. Civilizational Sociology and the Atlantic 3. Absolutism and Post-absolutism in Europe's Empires 4. Civilization and Pre-colonial Traditions 5. 'Discovery' in the West 6. Mercantilism, Slavery and the Part Played by the Transatlantic Empires in the Formation of Capitalism 7. Communities of the Colonial Order 8. War and Imperial Re-Division between Utrecht and the Seven Years War 9. 'Raising the Decibels': Republican Revolutions of the Colonial Order 10. The Atlantic's Distinct Modernity Bibliography Index
All those interested in comparative and historical sociology, civilizations analysis and the history of imperial state formation, colonialism and capitalism.