The Works in Logic by Bosniac Authors in Arabic

Author: Amir Ljubovic
The book offers and explains the hypothesis that the end of the 13th century does not denote the “final stage” and the “stage of decay” of Arabic logic as the “Aristotelian logic” continues its life and development in the following period in Bosnia and Herzegovina ̶ either as a subject within the educational system, or as general propaedeutics for each scientific thought ̶ where it had skilled interpreters. The book proves that the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina used almost the same way to compose writings in the field of logic: one in Latin within West-European cultural and theological tradition, and the others in Arabic, within Arabic-islamic tradition.

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Amir Ljubović, Ph.D. (1988) in Philosophy Sciences, University of Sarajevo is Professor of Oriental-Islamic Civilization at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo. He focuses on research into the cultural history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically the heritage of Bosniaks in Oriental languages.
Scientists in the field of Oriental, Arabic and Ottoman culture and civilization, as well as other historians; historians of philosophy and logic; medievalists.