In Search of Consistency: Ethics and Animals


In Search of Consistency is the most comprehensive examination to date of moral theories and animal ethics. This large volume unveils and explores the work of Tom Regan (rights theory), Peter Singer (utilitarian), Paul Taylor (environmental ethics), and Andrew Linzey (theology), not only digging deep into critical analysis of extant theories, but feeding the flames of a now flourishing dialogue at the intersections of animal ethics, environmental ethics, and religious ethics. This book ultimately presents a new approach—the Minimize Harm Maxim, which exposes, through real and hypothetical scenarios, common practices as patently irrational and raises questions few authors are willing to entertain about the way we value life and our attitudes toward death. At every turn, In Search of Consistency reminds that ethics carry an expectation of action, that ethics are intended to guide how we live.

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Lisa Kemmerer is an Assistant Professor at Montana State U., Billings, (BA, Reed; MTS, Harvard; Ph.D., University of Glasgow, Scotland). The focus of her work has most frequently been animals and ethics, but she is interested in issues of justice generally, and has produced two documentaries on Buddhism. Kemmerer is an artist, activist, and wilderness adventurer who has traveled the world extensively.
"Kemmerer constantly reminds us that ethics is to be lived as well as thought about. Thought without actions is useless, but action without thought is blind. This book is a bright light." - Michael Becker
"... worth every penny and then some! It is never for a moment boring. The author has created something of lasting value..." - Norm Phelps
Readers interested in animal rights, theology, religious studies, philosophy, ethics, and environmental studies.
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