Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Volume 3


The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics is a major multi-volume reference work. It is a unique collaboration of hundreds of scholars from around the world and covers all relevant aspects of the study of Arabic, dealing with all levels of the language (pre-Classical Arabic, Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic vernaculars, mixed varieties of Arabic).

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"I find the EALL a valuable and authoritative reference tool that reaches out to a wide range of readership. Its comprehensive scope, lucid writing style and manageable design and layout make the EALL useful, initially and foremost, to linguists but also to scholars from various fields that have connections to Arabic language and linguistics, as well as to advanced students." Nadia Hamrouni, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, University of Arizona
Latin America Latin Loanwords Leveling Lexical Variation: Modern Standard Arabic Lexicography: Bilingual Dictionaries Lexicography: Classical Arabic Lexicography: Monolingual Dictionaries Lexicon: Matrix and Etymon Model Libya Lingua Franca Linguistics and Arabic Lisān Literacy Locatives Luġa Māḍī/Muḍāriʿ Mafʿūl Mafʿūl Fīhi Maġrebī Mahmūl Majāz Majhūra/Mahmūsa Malegasy Malayalam Mali Malta Maltese Maʿnā Maṣdar Mauritania Mawḍūʿ Meccan Arabic Mechanisms of Linguistic Change Media Media Arabic Metathesis Meter Middle Arabic Middle Verbs Mimation Minimalism Modal Verbs Modern Standard Arabic Mood (Arabic Dialects) Mood (Standard Arabic) Moroccan Arabic Morocco Morphology Muḥaqqaq Multilingualism Muštarak Mutarādif Najdi Arabic Nasalization Nastaʿlīq Nasx Nationalism and Language Nawāsix Negation Negev Arabic Neo-Aramaic Nigeria Nisba Nominal Clauses Nominalization North America Northwest Arabian Arabic Northwest Semitic Languages Noun Noun Phrase Nubian Number Numerals Nunation Object, Absolute Obligatory Contour Principle Old Arabic (Epigraphic) Omani Arabic Optimality Theory Orality Ottoman Empire Pakistan Palaeography Palatalization Palestinian Arabic Paronomasia Participle Parts of Speech Passive Passive (Syntax) Pausal Forms Performatives Persian Persian Loanwords Personal Pronoun (Arabic Dialects) Personal Pronoun (Standard Arabic) Phonetics Phonological Merger Phonological Split Phonology Phonology: metrical Phonotactics Phraseology Pidgin Arabic: Bongor Arabic Pidginization Poetic Koine Poetic License Polarity Politeness Political Discourse and Language Possession Pragmatics Predicate Pre-Islamic Arabic Prepositions Presentatives Pro-drop Pronominalization Proper Names Prosody Prothetic Vowel Proverb Pseudodual Pseudoverb Punctuation